George Huxley Papers - Series I Subseries Ig

Subseries Ig: Other Cultural Institutions, correspondence and related papers

BOX 35

Folder 1
Aid to the Church in Need
A) “The Crosses of Hope”, “Mirror”
B) Correspondence (2004-2006)

Folder 2
Association Internationale des Etudes Armeniennes (AIEA)
A) Newsletters, Handbooks, Conferences (1982-2000)
B) Correspondence (1982-2005)
1982: Gregorian Vartan, Samuelian Thomas, Stone Michael
1983: Samuelian Thomas
1984-1985: Sanjian Avedis, Weitenberg J.J.S.
1992: Van Lint Theo
2005: Van Lint Theo

Folder 3
Archaeological Exploration of Sardis (Harvard University)
A) Newsletters (1980-2006)
B) Correspondence (1992-2006)
1992-2006: Gadbery Laura M., Gombosi Elizabeth, Scott Jane Ayer

BOX 36


Folder 1
Initial Proposals, Meetings, Minutes and Reports (1959-1997)
Folder 2
Initial Proposals, Meetings, Minutes and Reports (1998-1999)
Folder 3
Initial Proposals, Meetings, Minutes and Reports (2000-2001)
Folder 4
Initial Proposals, Meetings, Minutes and Reports (2002-2004)
Folder 5
Initial Proposals, Meetings, Minutes and Reports (2005-2006)
Folder 6
Correspondence (1975-2006)
1975: Huxley George, Lindow G.L.E
1986-1987: Baker Paul, Lindow G.L.E., Smith Richard
1990: Smith Richard
2001-2003: Ford J.H., Gilmore Brian
2004: Cecil Desmond, Ford J.H.
2005-2006: Cecil Desmond, Ford J.H., Walters Kay, Wiblin Derek

BOX 37

Folder 1
Belfast Association of University Teachers
Services, Benefits, AUT Newsletter (1974-2003)

Folder 2
British Academy
A) Applications for a Major Research Grant (1986-1992)
B) Correspondence (1985-1996)
1985-1991: Kenny A.
1996: Ireland M.J.
C) The Blunt affair (1980)

Folder 3
British Institute at Amman for Archaeology and History
A) Annual General Meetings, Newsletters (1992-1997)
B) Correspondence (1992-1993)
1992-1993: Collins-Wells A.A., Johns Jeremy, MacDonald M.C.A.

Folder 4
British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara
A) Annual Reports, Lectures (2004-2006)
B) Correspondence (2003-2006)
2003-2006: Coulthard Gina

Folder 5
Charter 88
Response form and Correspondence (2002)
Chipping Norton & District Day Centre
Correspondence (1993-1994)
1993-1994: Barbour Peter, Wills Lady

Folder 6
Classical Association of Ireland
A) Lectures, Newsletters (1995-2004)
B) Correspondence (1997-2007)
1997-2000: Blyth Oonagh, Finnegan Rachel, Telford Michael
2001-2007: Finnegan Rachel, Seaver Tom, Telford Michael

Folder 7
“The Greek Proverbs”- Correspondence and Lecture notes given in the University of Limerick (14 November 2001)

Folder 8
Council for Academic Autonomy
Correspondence (1998)

Folder 9
Council for British Research in the Levant
A) Reports and Accounts, Annual General Meetings (1999-2003)
B) Correspondence 1998-2003
1998-2003: Baird Douglas, Holder Christine, McParlin Penny, Pringle Denys, Whittow Mark

Folder 10
The Economist
Correspondence (1992-2005)

Folder 11
Egypt Exploration Society
A) General Meetings, Reports, Invitations, Events and News (1980-2006)
B) Correspondence (1974-2007)
1974-2007: Butcher David, Bednarski Andrew, Crawford Mary, Gagetta Tracey, Shore A.F., Spencer Patricia, Weens Sylvie

Folder 12
Federation Internationale des Association D’Etudes Classiques
A) General Meetings, Conferences (1984)
B) Correspondence (1984-2002)
1984-2002: Bingen Jean, Paschoud Francois

BOX 38

Greek Archaeological Committee (U.K.)

Folder 1
Correspondence (1992-2006)
1992-2006: Lemos Irene

Folder 2
Institute of Irish Studies (University of Liverpool)
Advisory Board, Invitations (1996-2005)

Folder 3
Correspondence (1996-2005)
1996-1999: Buckland Patrick, Elliot Marianne, Lynch Dorothy, Scott Helen
2001-2005: Elliot Marianne, Huxley George, Lynch Dorothy

Folder 4
Irish-Georgian Society
Annual Meetings, Memberships, Bulletins, Newsletters (1977- 1993)
Folder 5
Annual Meetings, Memberships, Bulletins, Newsletters (1994- 2007)

Folder 6
Irish-Hellenic Society
A) Invitations (1985-2006)
B) Correspondence 1984-2003
1984-2003: Campbell Dorothy, Lyle Patricia

BOX 39

Folder 1
Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens (I.I.H.S.A.)
A) Managing Board, Invitations, Lectures (1985-2007)
B) Correspondence 1997-2004
1997-2004: Cradock Padraig, Cronin Patrick, Dillon John, Moriarty Maeve, Morris Christine, Rodley Lyn

Folder 2
Luther I. Replogle Foundation
Correspondence 1993-2003
1993-2003: Gebhard Gwenn
Mark Twain Society
Membership (1977)

Folder 3
National Library of Ireland
A) Trustees Reports, Meetings of the Executive Committee, Invitations, Newsletters (1994-2000)
B) Correspondence (1994-2001)
1994-2001: Donlon Patricia, Huxley George, Lyne Gerald, O’Gallagher Marie
C) National Library of Ireland Society-Correspondence (1994-2000)
1994-2000: Lyne Gerald, Long Gerald

Folder 4
National Trust for Greece
Memberships, Newsletters, British Committee for the Acropolis (1974-1993)

Folder 5
New York Academy of Sciences
Annual membership statements (1993-1995)

Folder 6
Old Blundellian Club
Newsletters, Register, Correspondence (1994-2006)

Folder 7
People of Today
Correspondence (1992-2002)
1992-2002: Ellis Patsy, Foster Sara, Graham Alistair, Parker Jonathan

BOX 40

Folder 1
Saint Catherine Foundation
Correspondence (1996-2006)
1996-2006: Brunner Earleen, Nadim Tahani

Folder 2
Society of Antiquaries of London
Royal Charters and Statutes, Annual Meetings and Reports, Invitations (1965-1998)
Folder 3
Royal Charters and Statutes, Annual Meetings and Reports, Invitations (2000-2005)

Folder 4
Correspondence (1973-2007)
1973-1986: Ramage E.S., Thompson F.H.
1992-2007: Cramp Rosemary, Fernie Eric, Jervis Simon, Nurse Bernard, Renn Derek

Folder 5
Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies
List of members, Bulletins, Society News (1993-2007)

Folder 6
Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies
A) Annual Meetings and Reports, Committees Programme of Meetings (1975-2007)
B) Correspondence (1974-2004)
1974-2004: Browning Robert, Duncan E.M., Hainsworth J.B., Johnston Alan, Rodley Lyn, Roueche C., Shone Russell

BOX 41

Folder 1
The Tablet
Correspondence (1998-2005)
Temple World
Correspondence (1992-1998)

Folder 2
Annual Business Meeting (1999)
Universities Superannuation Scheme Limited (USS)
A) Members’ Annual Report, Trustee’s Annual Report (1979-2006)
B) Correspondence (1983-2006)
1983-2006: Busby C.G., Chynoweth D.B., Merchant T.H., Sherlock Ian, Stirrup P.
Whyte John Trust Fund
Newsletters, invitations (1990-2004)