History of the American School 1882-1942 - Appendix V

A History of the American School of Classical Studies, 1882-1942

Appendix V: Special Endowment Funds of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens

The amount of the Funds is as of June 30, 1946.

Funds for General Purposes:
J. Harriet Goodell Fund; established by the bequest of Thomas Dwight Goodell, Professor of Greek Language and Literature in Yale University, 1893–1920—$10,100.98
Cyril G. Hopkins Memorial Fund; established 1921—$703.12
John Huybers Memorial Fund; established 1921—$714.53

College Funds
The income of these funds (except the Kirkland Fund) is available for general School purposes. When the fund amounts to $5,000 or more the College is entitled to the privilege of perpetual cooperation in the support of the School.

Albert Harkness Fund for Brown University contributed by his friends in honor of Albert Harkness, Professor of Greek in Brown University. Completed 1902—$9,664.09
John H. Finley Fund for the College of the City of New York. This fund was raised by Carroll N. Brown; it was completed in 1926. John H. Finley was President of the College of the City of New York, 1903–1913—$5,135.00
Mitchell Carroll Fund for the George Washington University. In honor of Mitchell Carroll, Secretary of the Archaeological Institute of America, Professor of Archaeology and the History of Art, 1910–1925, in the George Washington University—$1,319.61
William Watson Goodwin Fund for Harvard University.Established by the friends of Harvard. Completed 1924. Named for William Watson Goodwin, Professor of Greek Literature at Harvard, 1860–1901—$5,600.30
M. Caroline Carter Fund for Hunter College. Established 1931, by her sister, Jane Gray Carter—$5,000.00
Henry M. Baird Fund for New York University. This fund was raised by T. Leslie Shear in honor of his Greek Professor, Henry M. Baird, Professor of Greek, 1856–1906, in New York University—$6,250.00
Charles Beebe Martin Fund for Oberlin College. Established in 1945 by his friends in honor of Charles Beebe Martin, Professor of Greek Literature and Greek Archaeology in Oberlin College, 1880–1925—$5,000.00
Radcliffe College Endowment Fund. Raised by Miss Mary Buckingham—$5,375.92
University of California Fund—$5,000.00
University of Cincinnati Fund. Established by Mr. and Mrs. William T. Semple —$5,000.00
James Hampton Kirkland Fund for Vanderbilt University. Established by Mrs. James Hampton Kirkland in honor of her husband, Chancellor of Vanderbilt University, 1893–1937. The income of this fund is available for publication.—$5,000.00
The Washington University Fund. Contributed by the Greek-American citizens of St. Louis in 1946 at the solicitation of George E. Mylonas—$5,000.00
Western Reserve University Fund. Established largely through the efforts of Harold North Fowler, Professor of Greek in Western Reserve University, 1893–1929—$7,646.00

Fellowship Funds
John Williams White Fund. A competitive fellowship in Greek Archaeology—$34,448.98
James Rignall Wheeler Fund. For a Fellow appointed by the Director of the School—$36,264.40
Thomas Day Seymour Fund. A competitive fellowship in the Greek Language, Literature and History—$36,279.25
Edward Capps Fund. Established by the Trustees, 1939. The Fellow is nominated by the Executive Committee.—$30,000.00
John White Field Fund. Established in 1897 by Mrs. Field in honor of her husband, by a legacy of $1,000, the income to be used for a scholarship—$7,563.46

Library Funds
Joannes Gennadius Fund. For Byzantine Studies. Established in 1926 by John S. Newbold—$6,294.33
Adelbert Stone Hay Memorial Fund. For Library purchases. Established in 1901 by John Hay as a memorial to his son— $1,759.97
Theodore W. Heermance Fund. For books on architecture. Established in 1905 by his friends in honor of Theodore W. Heermance, Director of the School, 1903–1905. —$6,901.21
Horatio M. Reynolds Fund. For the Library. Established in 1931 by a bequest of Mrs. Horatio M. Reynolds, in honor of her husband, Talcott Professor of the Greek Language and Literature in Yale, 1893–1922.—$20,800.00
Robert Louis Stroock Fund. Established in 1931 by Mr. and Mrs. Sol M. Stroock in memory of their son, a student in the School in 1928–1929—$2,644.16

Excavation Funds
Richard B. Seager Fund. For excavations. A bequest in 1925 from Richard B. Seager, a student of the School, 1903–1904, 1905–1906.—$47,571.93
James Loeb Fund. For excavation. A bequest of James Loeb, in 1933. Trustee of the School, 1909–1930.—$500,000.00

Miscellaneous Funds
Mrs. William H. Moore Fund. Established 1932 by Mrs. Moore for maintenance of the Corinth Museum—$10,400.00
Oakley House Fund. Established in 1930 by Horace S. Oakley, a Trustee of the School, 1924–1929, for the maintenance of Oakley House at Corinth.—$4,534.50
Total $827,971.74