konstantinos mangakis collection

Συλλογή Κωνσταντίνου Μαγκάκη


Collection Number: GR GL KM 070
Name(s) of Creator(s): Konstantinos Mangakis
Title: Konstantinos Mangakis Collection
Date [bulk]:
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Quantity: 0.60 linear meters
Language(s): Greek
Summary: The material consists of material about the Gennadius family, including albums with photos and clippings with information concerning the history of the Gennadius family members, Benizelos family, and the Gennadeion.
Information about Access: The papers are catalogued and available for research
Cite as: American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Archives, Konstantinos Mangakis Collection (Αμερικανική Σχολή Κλασικών Σπουδών στην Αθήνα, Τμήμα Αρχείων, Συλλογή Κωνσταντίνου Μαγκάκη)



Two albums with photos and informational material on

1. Benizelos Family
2. Santa Philothei

Folder 1 
Newspaper clippings and informational material regarding the House of Benizelos Family

Folder 2
Newspaper clippings and informational material regarding the Elaionas estate and its buildings

Folder 3
Newspaper clippings and informational material regarding the Zaimis tower in Aegina

Folder 4

  1. Three greeting cards of Joannes and Anthi Gennadius sent to the Antoniades Family (December 1912, December 1913, December 1914)
  2. Copy of a letter Joannes Gennadius to Charilaos Trikoupis dated 6/18 August 1892
  3. Copy of a letter Joannes Gennadius to Charilaos Trikoupis dated 3/15 November 1882
  4. Copy of a photo of the Greek representatives at the Congress of Berlin
  5. Copy of an invitation for the inauguration of the vessel «Βασιλεύς Κωνσταντίνος»
  6. Copy of the journal “Δολιανίτικα Νέα” with an article about Gennadius (1996)


Folder 1  Panagiotis G. Gennadius (1848-1917)

  1. Biographical note of Panagiotis Gennadius by Joannes Gennadius.Typewritten, photocopy [Note: It includes list of his published works]
  2. Copy of an article on the Department of Agriculture of the University of Cyprus. [Note Panagiotis Gennadius served as the first Director of the Department, 1895-1905]
  3. Copy of Panagiotis Gennadius‘s degree – University of Illinois. [Note:The original in Box 3 Folder 2]
  4. Receipt of fees for the matriculation of Panagiotis Gennadius – University of Illinois
  5. Illinois Industrial University - Catalogue and Circular,1874. [Note: The name of P.G under the list of tutors as Assistant in French and student p. 7]
  6. List of University of Illinois graduates (1872-1880)
  7. Invitation to the commencement exercises of the University of Illinois 1888 sent to Panagiotis Gennadius
  8. Letter from the Office of the Director of the University of Illinois dated September 17, 1917

Folder 2 Degrees and honorary diplomas of Panagiotis Gennadius

  1. Degree of the University of Illinois [1874] [φυλάσσεται εκτός φακέλου]
  2. Diplome Academie Nationale (Paris) (1884)
  3. Diplome Societe Entomologique de France (1880)
  4. Honorary Diplomaawarded to Panagiotis Gennadius by the Greek King George (1886)
  5. Diploma of the Athens Archaeological Society (1888)
  6. Ordre National de la Legion d’ Honneur(1889) [φυλάσσεται εκτός φακέλου]
  7. Honorary Diploma – Paris International Exhibition (1889)

  BOX 4

 Folder 1 Album

Album with 37 photographs of Doliana [1956 (3), 1959 (1), 1978 (33)], a newspaper clipping about a ceremony at Doliana in memory of George Gennadius (“Ελεύθερον Βήμα”, August 8, 1930) [Note. Doliana the place of origin of Gennadius family]
- envelope with 1 microfiche with the above 33 photos of Doliana
- envelope with 3 negatives of the photos of 1956 of Doliana
- envelope with 9 photos of Doliana and their negatives                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Folder 2 Album

Album with photographs, letters and postcards of George Gennadius and newspaper clippings about him and other members of the Gennadius family:

1. George Gennadius

-magazine and newspaper clippings about the Patriarch of Constantinople Georgios Gennadius Scholarius, 1873, 1949, 1952

-the genealogical tree of the family

-newspaper and magazine clippings about George Gennadius, 1926, 1946, 1953, 1977, 1987 

-4 photos from the George Gennadius street at Naulpion, 1966

-a copy of letter to J.G. from the “Κεντρική Επιτροπή Ζαγορισίων” about the statue in honor of George Gennadius at Doliana, 1930

- newspaper clippings and 2 photos of the George Gennadius’s house at Athens, 1955, 1969, 1979

-newspaper clipping about streets in Greece with the name of George Gennadius, 1950; a leaflet about the Sarakatsanoi and Koutsovlachoi in Greece; 2 photos of the George Gennadius’s bust at Doliana, 1956

2. Panagiotis Gennadius

-a letter to Panagiotis Gennadius from the director of the Royal Kew Gardens W. Turner Thiselton-Dyer, 1902

-newspaper clippings about the establishment of the Institute of Agriculture at Ioannina and the personality of Panagiotis Gennadius, 1971

3. Kleoneke and Elpis Gennadius:

-2 postcards from J.G.’s sisters Elpis and Kleoneke Gennadius to their nieces Alexandra Gennadius and Artemis Gennadius-Mangakis, 1907, 1908

-newspaper clipping and a photocopy of the portrait of Kleoniki Gennadius, 1952, 1974

4. Eirene Gennadius-Katsoulides and the family of Panagiotis Gennadius

-a legal document signed by Eirene Katsoulides granting authority to Panagiotis Gennadius for the receipt of a rent, 1892

-a letter and a visiting card of Eirene Katsoulides, sister of J.G., to her brother Panagiotis Gennadius, 1901

-a letter of Eirene Katsoulides to Michael Mangakes regarding personal items of his father George Gennadius and Michael Mangakes’ reply, 1917; a letter of Spyros Katsoulides to Michael Mangakes,1918 and Michael Mangakes’ reply, 1918

-a pamphlet written in Greek and in Arvanitika  about Anastasios Gennadius, brother of J.G., 2 newspaper clippings about the life and political career of Anastasios Gennadius, 1936, 1956

- Envelope with 8 photos of various members of the J.G. family (his mother, his sister, his brothers, his uncles), 1 picture of the interior of a residence, 4  K. Mangakes’s negatives of the George Gennadius street at Nauplion, 1966; a negative of a portrait of George Gennadius from the Ethnological Museum of Athens

Additional material:

 -about Doliana: a newspaper clipping,1965; notes about inhabitants of  Doliana, 1978, 1986;  a document  from the Gennadius Elementary School of Doliana,1957; «Δελτίον», 1965

-about George Gennadius: program, exhibition and invitation to a lecture in memory of George Gennadius from the Gennadius Library and the First High School of Athens, 1987; magazine clippings about George Gennadius and the plague in Attica in the middle 19th century, 1965, 1985; a list of paintings of Thaleia Flora-Karavia including a portrait of George Gennadius, 1948; magazine clippings, newspaper clippings and notes concerning the house of George Gennadius at Athens, 1980-1988; photocopies of the article of Giorgos Sakkas about George Gennadius from Αρχείον Ευβοϊκών Μελετών, 196; bibliographical list about the life of George Gennadius; a list cataloguing the scholarly works of George Gennadius; a file with notes about the photos of George Gennadius’s portraits

-about Gennadius family: plans and notes of Gennadius family genealogical trees, a list indicating streets in various cities of Greece with the name of Gennadius, an offprint from “Νέα Ημέρα” written by J.G. about the life and the artistic activities of the sisters Elpis and Kleoneke Gennadius (Trieste, 1909), bibliographical notes about Kleoneke Gennadius, a photocopy of Panagiotis Gennadius’s portrait, a newspaper clipping from “Βήμα”, 1985 and others handwritten notes as well as photocopies from the magazine Εύβοια, 1984 about Anastasios Gennadius, handwritten notes about Artemis Gennadius and Artemis Gennadius Katsoulides; bibliographical notes about the patriarch of Constantinople Georgios Gennadius Scholarius

-about J.G.: bibliographical notes about J.G.; a photocopy of a letter from J.G. to Demetrius Kambouroglou, 1929; a photocopy of a newspaper clipping from “The Illustrated London News” with an interview of J.G., 1892; a magazine clipping from Ταχυδρόμος about the liberation of Epirus from the Greek army and a photo illustrated the Greek delegation at London Peace Conference with the participation of J.G., 1983


Album with photographs, cards, letters of J.G. and Florence Gennadius and newspaper clippings about J.G., Florence Gennadius and the Gennadeion, 1892 -1986; a handwritten catalogue of J.G.’s  scholarly works by K. Mangakes; a printed leaflet for the celebration of the “Silver Wedding of Joannes and Anthé Gennadius” dedicated to the memory of Florence’s father Samuel Laing, his biography and a list of his published works, 1927 (2 copies); correspondence: 3 letters of Florence Gennadius to Panagiotis Gennadius, n.d., to Artemis Mangakes, 1936  and  to Sirley H.Weber, 1942

13 letters of J.G.(original) and 1 attach. To the members of his family: his brother Panagiotis Gennadius, his sister, his niece Artemis Mangakes and her husband Michael Mangakes, 1905-1932

- Various material from K. Mangakes’s research for the Gennadeion, including a catalogue of exhibition in the Library (“John Gennadius and his Collection”, 1986); pamphlets with the Library’s regulations, 1988 and guide to the archival collections,1986; a booklet-guide to the collections of the Gennadeion, 1981; 5 leaflets [guide to the Gennadeion,1988; appeal for financial assistance to the Library (1985)]; invitations to various events organized by the Library,1986; magazine clippings about the Gennadeion, 1982, 1985, 1991 and Francis Walton (Director Emeritus of the Gennadeion) 1979; a letter from the President of the Trustees and the Chairman of the Managing Committee for the American School at Athens seeking financial assistance for the Gennadeion, 1981; handwritten notes by K. Mangakes on the Gennadeion and the American School at Athens

- Envelope with 2 photographs of Florence Gennadius, n.d.

- Envelope with 7 photographs of the Gennadeion and 3 negatives, 1936

- Envelope with 6 postcards of the Gennadeion (printed in Greece) and 1 of the American School of Classical Studies (printed in USA), n.d


Δίπλωμα τιμητικό του Γεωργίου Γενναδίου με ημερομηνία 1838  (Πανεπιστήμιο Λειψίας)