Skouze-Grypari Family

Αρχείο Οικογενείας Σκουζέ - Γρυπάρη


Collection Number: GR GL SG 028
Name (s) of Creator (s): Skouze-Grypari Family
Title: Skouze-Grypari Family Papers
Date [bulk]:
Date [inclusive]:
Language(s): Greek, French, English
Summary: The collection consists of legal and commercial documents of the Skouze commercial firm, correspondence, notes on architecture (e.g. on the Duchess of Plaisance’s Maisonette on Mt. Penteli), periodicals and newspapers
Quantity: 0.10 linear meter
Immediate Source of Acquisition: Gift of Marietta and Helen Grypari, 1962-1963
Information about Access: The collection is being processed but is available for research.
Cite as: American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Archives, Skouze-Grypari Family Papers (Αμερικανική Σχολή Κλασικών Σπουδών στην Αθήνα, Τμήμα Αρχείων, Αρχείο Σκουζέ-Γρυπάρη)
Note: (ex-MSS 232)

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Panagis Skouzes (1776-1847), one of the first members of the Philike Etaireia, supplied the first Greek army with guns for the War of Independence of 1821, on his own expenses. Georgios Skouzes (1811-1884), son of Panagis, was originally involved in commerce in Trieste, but later participated in the establishment of the National Bank of Greece, the Ionian-Industrial Bank, and the Athens-Peiraeus Railway Company. 


A selection until cataloguing is completed - Επιλογή εγράφων μέχρι την ολοκλήρωση της καταλογογράφησης

1. Letter from Duchess of Plaisance to George Skouzés. Undated. [Folder Α΄ # 45]

2. Plan and elevation of a building, allegedly that of the Duchess of Plaisance’s Maisonette on Mt. Penteli, built by Stamatios Kleanthis. [Folder B΄ # 52 - kept separately]

3. Letter from Α. Πετράς, Αναργ. Πετράκης to Panayis Skouzés, 26 June 1830. Refers to Prince Leopold’s candidacy for the Greek throne. [Folder B΄ # 48]

4. Έκθεσις Δικαστικής Μικτής Επιτροπής, Αθήναι, 22 Ιουλίου 1836, επί διαφοράς μεταξύ Παναγή Σκουζέ και Σαδουδέν εφέντη, λυθείσης συμβιβαστικώς. Αντίγραφον. [Folder Α΄ # 37]

5. Αναφορά Γεωρ. Παππάζογλου, Θεσσαλονίκη 16/28 Ιουλίου 1835, προς το εν Μακεδονία Ελληνικόν Προξενείον. Αντίγραφον. [Folder Α΄ # 34]

6. Panayis Skouzés, bill of lading. Trieste, 6 Aug. 1833 [Folder Α΄ # 15]

7. Ditto 27 May 1834. [Folder Α΄ # 18]

8. Panayis Skouzés, property lease, Athens, 19/31 Oct. 1834. [Folder Α΄ # 19]

9. Αναφορά του Ηγουμενοσυμβουλίου της εν Σαλαμίνι Ιεράς Μονής Φανερωμένης προς το Β. Επαρχείον Μεγαρίδος, 14 Δεκ. 1875. Περί υποτροφιών. [Folder B΄ # 55]

10. Notebook containing 19 ms pages of text and illustrations on architecture. [Folder B΄ # 53]

11. Broadsheet: Ειδοποίησις Εφημερίδος Αθηνών, υπό Γ. Ψύλλα, εν Σαλμίνι, τη 18 Ιουλίου 1824. [Folder Γ΄ # 57]

12. Εθνοφύλαξ. Φύλλον υπ’αριθ. 597, έτος Γ΄, Αθήναι, 24 Σεπτ. 1864 [Folder Γ΄ # 62]

13. Broadsheet: εις την δαφνηφορία εν τοις νομοίς  του κυρίου Πέτρου Πετριζόπουλου [υπό] Δ.Σ. Bononiae, ex Typographia Iosephi Lucchesini, 1815. [Folder Γ΄ # 58]

14. Broadsheet: Ai Signori amatory del teatro, per gli auguri del nuovo anno 1828. Sonetto con la coda. (At end:) In segno di osequioso rispetto I Portinari del teatro. Tipografia Weis. [Folder Γ΄ # 59]

15. Broadsheet: Anonymous poem to Antonietta Pallerini, Trieste, Tipografia Marenigh, 5 marzo, 1829 [Folder Γ΄ # 60]

16. Broadsheet: Anonymous sonnet to Antonietta Pallerini, Trieste, dalla Tipografia Marenigh, 1829 [Folder Γ΄ # 61]

17. Notebook containing 33 ms. pages of text and illustrtions on architecture [Folder B΄ # 54 - kept separately]