Homer A. Thompson: Series VI

PERSONAL HISTORY (Boxes 154-164)

BOX 154

Folder 1:  Homer A. Thompson oral history: “The Athenian Agora: Evidence and Interpretation”. Art History Oral Documentation Project Compiled by the Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and the Humanities (1994-1997)

Folder 2: Homer A. Thompson’s CVs (1960, 1991, 1996)
Homer A. Thompson’s entries in “Who’s Who …” (1970-1997)
Homer A. Thompson’s biography in 1997 Princeton Commencement book
“The Ingenious Homer Thompson”, Archaeology (1988)
Homer A. Thompson – Article about in Institute for Advanced Study newsletter (1996)
~ see also Popular Press: Reader’s Digest

Folder 3: Homer A. Thompson’s childhood in Chilliwack, Ontario and Thompson Family histories
Ontario hometown newspaper articles following career of “Local Boy Makes Good” (1921-1982)
Homer A. Thompson’s sketches of the his family farm in Orono, Ontario (1040s-1987)

BOX 155

Folder 1: Letter of Acceptance to University of British Columbia (1921)
1925-1927: Lecture notes, University of British Columbia
1927: MA Thesis, University of British Columbia, “Roads and Road Travel in Roman Dominions
  to 100 A.D.”

Folder 2: 1927-1928: Class Notes, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – Archaeology (J.G. Winter), Greek
    History (A.E.R. Boak), Latin Paleography (H. Sanders)
1928: Final Exam (History), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1929: Seminar report for Prof. Campbell Bonner, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – “The
    contributions of the papyri to the study of Aristophranes’ text”

Folder 3: 1929: PhD Dissertation, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – “The Transport of Government
    Grain in Graeco-Roman Egypt”

Folder 4: 1929: PhD Dissertation, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – draft and notes for

Folder 5: 1929: PhD Dissertation, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – draft and notes for

Folder 6: Lecture Notes, University of Toronto
1933: “Geography of Greece”
1933-1934: “Greek Epigraphy”
1934-1935: “History and Topography of Athens”
Folder 7: Lecture Notes, University of Toronto
1936: “Roman Architecture”
1937-1938: “Beginnings of Greek Civilization”
1937-1938: “Proportions of the Human Figure in Ancient Sculpture”
1940-1941: “Greek Painting”
No Date: “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”
No Date: “Peisistratidai”
No Date: “Everyday Greek Life”

BOX 156

Folder 1:  “A History of Vis” by Hodgkinson (August 1944)
“Impressions of Albania” (April 1945)
“Greece 1942-1947” (the following were filed together and so titled)
    “Delphic Hymn” by Dorothy Burr Thompson
    “Report on the Situation of the Inhabitants of Burned Villages in Thessaly and the Vicinity of
      Lamia” (1943-1944)
    In our Fight for Freedom: the Cause of the United Nations Demands Greek Independence, Greek
    American Committee for National Unity (1944)
    “In Defense of Greece” Two Open Letters, Eva Palmer-Sikelianos (1944)
    Greek Liberation, Frank Gervasi et al. Greek American Committee for National Unity (1944)
    Copy of letter sent to the U.S. president and others from Eva Sikelianos (1944)
    “Extracts from letters written by Mr. Homer Davis from Athens, Greece to his wife in Cairo
      (1944) Mr. Davis is with U.N.R.R.A.”
    “Marginal Comment”, Harold Nicholson in The Spectator (5 January 1945)
    Transcription of radio report by Leland Stone concerning state of Greece (20 January 1945)
    Letter from Willson Woodside (24 January 1945)
    “Information Bulletin of the Council of Canadian South-Slaves,” Toronto (20 May 1945)
    The Bulletin of the Council of South Slaves, Toronto (1 June 1945)
    “Greece: The War and Aftermath” by L.S. Stavrianos in Foreign Policy Reports (1 September 1945)
    Despatch, the Official Journal of the Canadian Red Cross (September 1945)
    Two letters from Rodney S. Young to T. Leslie Shear (1945)
    “Athens during the Civil War” by H. A. Thompson, reprinted from the University of Toronto
      Quarterly (January 1946)
    “Justice for Greece”, speech by Hon. Cecil R. King in the Congressional Record (27 March 1946)
    Resistance Movements in Occupied Europe, Greece, Union of Democratic Control, London (nd)
    “Ό Χορός του Ζαλόγγου”
    Letter to H.A.T. from N. Zervas (1944?)
    “Greek Children under Occupation (Extracts from a diary)”, by H. Adossides

Folder 2: The Greek Civil War:
“Some First-Hand Impressions of EAM-ELAS”, Lt. H.A. Thompson 15 Dec 1944
“Athens during the Civil War: 1944” H. A. Thompson

Folder 3: Homer A. Thompson’s Memorial Service, Athens (26 June 2000)
Homer A. Thompson’s Memorial Service, Princeton, NJ (21 October 2000): Invitation, Program of Service,
Photocopy of Guest Book
Homer A. Thompson’s Memorial Service, Princeton, NJ (21 October 2000): List of Invitees
Homer A. Thompson’s Memorial Service, Princeton, NJ (21 October 2000): Replies from Invitees

Folder 4: Letters describing Homer A. Thompson to his daughter, Pamela Thompson Sinkler-Todd

BOX 156A

Folder 1: Family Snapshots (1925-1940)
Snapshots (presumably taken by H.A.T.):
1927-1929: Ann Arbor, University of Michigan
1929: England - Glastonbury, Salisbury, Stonehenge, Windsor
1929: Italy – Florence, Venice
1929: Italy – Lake Como, Milan
1929: Italy – Amalfi, Capri, Fiesole, Istia, Pompeii, Sorrento, Torcello
1929: Switzerland – Jungfrau
1929: Switzerland – Lucerne, Interlaken
1929: France – Paris, Versailles
1929 December 23-30: Egypt
1929 and 1935: U.S.A. – Niagara Falls

Folder 2: 1929: Greece – Bassae, Corinth, Delphi, Epidauros, Langada Pass, Megaspelion, Merbaka,
    Monemvasia, Mt. Oeta, Mycenae, Olympia, Sounion, Thebes
1930 September: Germany and Austria – Augsberg, Berlin, Dresden, Heidelberg, Munich, 
    Nürnberg, Oberammergau, Potsdam, Rhine, Ulm, Wittenberg
1930 October: Dubrovnik, Ragusa, Split
1930 December: Greece – Athens, Corinth, Delphi, Ithome

Folder 3: Snapshots (taken by H.A.T.?):
1931: Greece – Arcadia, Bassae, Coron, Falls of the Styx, Hagia Lavra, Karytena, Kleitor, 
    Magouliana, Mt. Lykaion, Navarino, Samikon
1931: Greece – Agora, Chelmos, Modon, Mt. Kithaeron, Poros, Pynx, Spetsa
1932: Greece – Athens, Attika, Davlia, Delphi, Mt. Parnes, Panassos, Piraeus, St. Kosmos
1932: Sicily and South Italy – Agrigento, Melapontum, Monreale, Paestum, Segesta, Selinute,
    Syracuse, Taormina
1935: Greece – Mt. Pentelikon
1935: Gibraltar, Madeira
1938: Greece – Andros, Kos, Rhodes, Thasos, Thera
1938: Turkey and Cyprus – Constantinople, Halikarnassos, Maender River, Sardis, Troy, Vouni
1955: Canada; 1961, 1962, 1975: Greece
No Date: England – Cambridge, Chester, Durham, Ely, Graulchester, Hawarden, Lichfield,
    Lincoln, Norwich, Oxford, Shaltery, Stratford
No Date: Greece – Arcadia, Argos, Athens, Cefalu, Dendra, Hadrian’s Wall, Langada Pass, Mt.
    Parnassos, Mycenae, Nauplia, Nemea, Sounion, Tegea, Messene, unidentified
No Date: Unidentified

Folder 4: Snapshots (taken by H.A.T.?)
1930s: Algiers and Azores
1930s: Holland
1930s: Maine and Canada

Folder 5: Snapshots (13) of various people including Lucy Shoe, Rodney Young, Ralph Griswold, Mrs Adossides, and others sent to ASCSA by Pamela Todd (Acc# 2009-02)


BOX 157

  Boxes 157-163 contain notebooks, diaries and agendas of Homer A. Thompson dating 1929-1998. They have been transcribed and appear on-line.

Folder 1: “Jottings made in the course of a tour with the Bureau of University Travel in the summer of
          “Report of [Corinth] Excavations 1930”

Folder 2: “Journal of Travels 1930 (April-August)”

Folder 3: “Journal of Travels Aug 1930-Jan 1932”

Folder 4: “Record of Travels 1932-”
“H. A. Thompson Athens 1934” (with sketches in Greece and Toronto 1934-1939)

Folder 5: Diary “1942: Halifax H. A. Thompson Lt. R.C.N.V.R.
Diary “1942-1945”

Folder 6: Diary 1943
Notebook “Lt. H. A. Thompson, R.C.N.V.R. Bari” (1943-1945)
Notebook “H. A. Thompson Lt. R.C.N.V.R.” (nd)

BOX 158

Folder 1: “Journal 1946-”
Diary 1949
Diary 1953

Folder 2: Diary 1957

Folder 3: Diary 1957
          Diary 1958

Folder 4: “Diary 1958-1961”

Folder 5: Agenda 1959
Diary 1959-60 (“Balliol College”)

BOX 159

Folder 1: Diary 1961
Diary 1962

Folder 2: “Random Notes 1963”
Diary 1963

Folder 3: “Random Notes 1963-1964”
Diary 1964

Folder 4: Diary 1965
“Random Notes 1964-1965”

Folder 5: Diary 1966
          “Random Notes 1966-1967”
Diary 1967

BOX 160

Folder 1:  “Random Notes 1967-68”
Diary 1968

Folder 2:  “Random Notes 1968-1969”
Appointments and Addresses 1969

Folder 3: “Random Notes 1969-1970”
          Engagements 1970

Folder 4: “Random Jottings 1970”
“Random Jottings 1970-1971”

Folder 5: Diary 1971
“Random Jottings Nov. 7 1971-Aug. 12 1972”

Folder 6: Diary 1972
“Random Jottings 1972-”

BOX 161

Folder 1: Diary 1973
“Random Jottings 1973-1974”

Folder 2: Engagements 1974
“Random Jottings 1974”

Folder 3: “Random Jottings 1975”
Engagements 1975

Folder 4: “Random Notes August 1975-”

Folder 5: “Random Jottings 1976”
Engagements 1976

Folder 6: “Random Notes 1977 Jan. 6-Aug. 25”
(Engagements) 1977

BOX 162

Folder 1: (Jottings) “1977-78”
Folder 2: “Berkeley April 1978”

Folder 3: Diary 1978
(Engagements) 1979

Folder 4: “Random Jottings 1980-”
(Engagements) 1980

Folder 5: Diary 1981
“Notes Aug. 1981-April 1982”

Folder 6: Diary 1982
“Notes 1982-1983”

BOX 163

Folder 1: Diary 1983
“1983 June 1-Dec. 13”
“H.A.T. Travel Itinerary May 1983”

Folder 2: “Dec 15/84-July 1/86”
Diary 1985

Folder 3: Diary 1986
“Random Jottings 1986”

Folder 4: Diary 1987
Diary 1988
“H.A.T. Travel Itinerary Apr.-May 1988”

Folder 5: Diary 1989
Diary 1990

Folder 6: Diary 1991
Diary 1992

BOX 163A

Folder 1: Diary 1993
Diary 1994

Folder 2: Diary 1995
Diary 1996

Folder 3: Diary 1998


BOX 164


Honorary Degrees:
University of Michigan (1957)
Université de Lyon (1963)
Wooster College (1972)
New York University (1972)
University of Washington (1977)
Queen’s University, Kingston (1986)
University of British Columbia Alumni Associations (nd)

Folder 1: Notebook: “Books Borrowed from Thompson Library” (The “Thompson Library” was in their IAS office. This was their “check out” system for the years 1953 to 1996)
          Donation and sale of Thompson library (1991-1998)
Blank Postcards

Folder 2: “Inventory List of Slides for One Cabinet”