Homer A. Thompson Papers: Series VII

Manuscripts, Lectures and Lecture Outlines (Boxes 165-169)

BOX 165

Folder 1: “On Greek Trails” Progress (November 1930)
“Gleanings from the West Side of the Agora” (Spring 1935)
“Dictatorship in Athens of the VI Cent. B.C.” museum lecture (December 1935)
“The Agora of Athens” Queen’s University (13 January 1936)
“The Present Position of Classical Archaeology” Queen’s University (13 January 1936)
“Greek History in the Making” U. of I. History Club (19 November 1936)
“Excavations in the Agora of Athens” Classical Association of Toronto (26 November 1936)
“Town-Planning Among the Greeks” museum lecture (November 1936)
“The Greek House” museum lecture (1 December 1936)
“The Agora of Athens” University Women’s Club, Toronto (7 January 1937)
“Woman’s Place in Archaeology” St. Hilda’s College (14 January 1937)

Folder 2: “The Technique of Digging Illustrated by the Agora Excavations” University College Classics
    Club (20 October 1937)
“A Babylonian Lion in Toronto” museum lecture (23 November 1937)
“Remaking Athenian History” museum lecture (30 November 1937)
“The Metal Works of Athens and the Hephaisteion” AIA, Philadelphia (28 December 1937)
(The Agora Excavations) Oxford and Cambridge (26, 27 January 1938)
“The Topography and History of the Agora” London I (28 January 1938)
“Finds from the Agora Excavations” London II (31 January 1938)
“The Luristan Bronzes” R.O.M.A. (22 November 1938)
“A Sanctuary of Zeus and Athena Phratrios Newly Found in Athens” Hesperia VII (1938)
“Additional Note on the Identification of the Property of the Salaminians at Sounion” (with notes
    and photographs) Hesperia VII (1938)
“The Sanctuary of Hephaistos and Athena in Athens” Boston Chapter AIA et al. (22 January 1940)
“The Educational Value of the R.O.M.A.” League of the Empire (22 February 1940)
“About the Hephaisteion” (ca. 1940)

Folder 3: “The Agora of Athens” Victoria College (29 January 1941)
“The Museum: War and the Archaeologist” Toronto Monthly (6 February 1941)
“The Pnyx in the Fourth Century” Hartford, Connecticut Chapter AIA (30 December 1941)
Review of William Bell Dinsmoor, Observations on the Hephaisteion, Hesperia, Suppl. V (with
    notes) (1941)
Review of Corinth I:ii (1941)
“The Royal Ontario Museum” Ottawa Women’s Canadian Historical Society (26 March 1943)
“Some First-Hand Impressions of EAM-ELAS” (15 December 1944)
“Arms Across the Adriatic” Zonta Club, Toronto et al. (25 September 1945)
“Athens During the Civil War: 1944” (two versions) Ontario Classical Association et al. 
    (October-December 1945)

Folder 4: The Influence of Basketry on Attic Geometric Pottery
(with notes, photographs, correspondence with unidentified correspondents) AIA, Cincinnati (December 1945)
“Athens 1946” (Hand-written lecture, outline, notes for four lectures) AHEPA et al. (1946-1947)
“Public Life in the Athenian Agora” The Cooke-Daniels Memorial Foundation Lecture, Denver Art Museum (1948)
“Private Life around the Athenian Agora” The Cooke-Daniels Memorial Foundation Lecture Denver Art Museum (1948)
“Greek Sculpture from the Sea” (with notes, letters from unnamed correspondent) (1948-1949)

Folder 5: “Comments on Pedimental Sculpture” (part of a MS) (1949)
Preface to a lecture delivered in Baltimore (2nd half 1940’s)
“Excavations in the Market Place of Ancient Athens: 1931-1951” Wilson College (26 October
“Agora Excavations” Princeton High School (28 October 1952)
“Athens and the Hellenistic Princes” American Philosophical Society (13 November 1952)
“Temple of Ares” (30 June 1953)
“The Apollo Patroos of Euphranor” (with photos and sketches) (October 1953)
“The Agora at Athens and the Greek Market Place” Society of Architectural Historians (January
“The Water Supply of Ancient Athens” (February 1954)
“Agora and Forum” 10th International Congress of Historical Studies, Rome (4-11 September
Addenda to I.T. Hill, The Ancient City of Athens (1955)
“The Attalids in Athens” AIA Princeton Society (15 January 1957)
“Athenian Twilight” Joint Meeting of Greek and Roman Societies, Cambridge (14 August 1958)

BOX 166

Folder 1: “Athens in the Hellenistic Period” Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies, London (18
    March 1960)
“The Panathenaic Festival” (with draft and notes) Classic Association, Southampton (13 April
“The Excavation of the Athenian Agora, an Appraisal of the Results” New Jersey Classical
    Association (11 November 1960)
“Laws and Lawcourts in the Athenian Agora” AIA Annual Meeting (29 December 1960)
“Odeion of Agrippa or Sanctuary of Theseus” (ca. 1960)
          Latin Honor Awards Program, Princeton High School (13 April 1961)

Folder 2: “The Athenian Agora” Bryn Mawr Club, Boston (10 October 1961)
“The Julio-Claudians and Athens” Trinity Classics Club, Toronto (23 November 1961)
“From Athens to Arlington” ΦΒΚ Address, Burlington, Vermont (6 December 1961)
“Itinerant Temples of Attica” (four versions and French translation) AIA Annual Meeting (27
    December 1961)
“Lawcourts in the Athenian Agora” (10 September 1962)
“The Sculptor at Work in Ancient Athens” Hamilton Art Gallery et al. (12 October 1962)
“The Sculptural Adornment of the Hephaisteion” (with sources) AJA Vol. 66 (1962)

Folder 3: “The Changing Face of Ancient Athens” Henry Arthur Sanders Memorial Lecture, University of
    Michigan (with hand-written draft) (3 April 1963)
“Some Consequences of Hero Worship in Ancient Athens” (with letters from Frank Walton and
    Greek translation) University of Athens (10 June 1963)
“Augustan Art and Architecture” University of Toronto (9 December 1963)
“The Sanctuary of Theseus in Athens” AIA Annual Meeting (29 December 1964)
“A Colossal Moulding in Athens” (with drawings and photos) Orlandos Festschrift (1964)
“The Hero Sanctuary as an Architectural Type in Ancient Greece” Society of Architectural
    Historians (27 January 1966)
“International Rivalry in the Athenian Agora” (two versions) IAS Colloquium (9 February 1966)

Folder 4: “Theseus and the Athenians” (with slide list) (April 1966)
Review of J.M. Cook and W.H. Plommer, The Sanctuary of Hemithea at Kastabos (20 January
“Romans in Athens” University of Pittsburgh (4 April 1968)
“Worship of Heroes in Ancient Athens” Palo Alto, California AIA Chapter (16 April 1968)
“Gods and Heroes at Cape Sounion” Harvard et al. (15 October 1969)

Folder 5: “Persons and Places in Ancient Athens” (two versions) College of Wooster (19 April 1972)
“From Black Figure to Red Figure: Why the Change?” (photos, notes, French translation) AIA
    Annual Meeting et al. (29 December 1972)
Review of Pergamenische Forschungen I (1972?)
“The Stoa in the Life of the Greek City” AIA - Princeton Society (13 February 1973)
“The Potter at Work in Ancient Athens” (with slide list) (April 1973?)

Folder 6: “Pots and Baskets in Early Athens” (with sources, photos) (January 1974)
“The Stoa of the King in the Athenian Agora” (two copies, with slide list) (1974)
“Some Recent Developments in the Excavation of the Athenian Agora” (with slide list) (1974)

BOX 167

Folder 1: “The Tomb of Clytemnestra Revisited” University Museum, Philadelphia (May 1975)
“Artists and Artisans in Ancient Athens” (two versions) Washington, D.C. (6 May 1975)
“The Philosopher in the Marketplace” (with notes) AIA Norton Lecture (22 May 1975)
Review of Paul Bernard, “Fouilles d’ Aï Khanoun I” in Artibus Asiae (September 1975)
“The Potter at Work in Ancient Athens” (two versions) Yale University Art Gallery et al. (4
    December 1975)
“Some Environmental Factors Contributing to the Greatness of Athens” Moraites School,
    Psychiko (12 August 1976)

Folder 2: “The Elgin Throne: Its Date and Purpose” (with sources, notes, photos, first draft) AIA Annual
    Meeting (30 December 1976)
~ see also Douglas Olcott

Folder 3: “The Community of Gods and Men in Ancient Athens” (with French translation) Brown
    University et al. (Fall 1977)
“The Conservation and Preservation of Archaeological Sites in Greece” AIA Annual Meeting (29
    December 1977)
“Some Hero Shrines in Early Athens” IAS Colloquium (11 November 1978)
“Philip V in Attica: 200 B.C.” (with sources, notes, slide list, French translation) (1978)
“In Pursuit of the Past: The American Role 1897-1979” (1979?)

Folder 4: “Sokrates in the Agora” (with French translation) Academy of Athens et al. (17 June 1980)
“Architecture as a Medium of Public Relations Among the Successors of Alexander” National
    Gallery, Washington, D.C. et al. (November 1980)

Folder 5: “The Libraries of Ancient Athens” (two versions, photos, reprints, French translation) St. John’s
    College, Annapolis, Md. (1980)
Folder 6: “Athens Faces Adversity” ASCSA Centennial (18 June 1981)
“The Pnyx in Models” Eugene Vanderpool Festschrift (1981)
“ ‘The Laws of Solon’: Where Were They Displayed?” (2 March 1982)


BOX 168

Folder 1: “Mithraia in Athens and Ostia” (two versions) AIA Princeton Society (1982)
“The Dramatic Setting of the Parthenon Frieze in the Light of the Agora Excavations” (two
    versions, corrections, reprints) Columbia Seminar Classical Civilization (1983)

Folder 2: “Recent Developments at the Northwest Corner of the Athenian Agora” Université de Fribourg
“The Athenian Vase-Painters and their Neighbors” Matson Festschrift (1983)
          “Field Archaeology at Princeton” Advisory Councils of Art and Archaeology and of the Art Museum,
              Princeton (4 May 1984)
“The Impact of Roman Architects and Architecture on Athens, 170 B.C.-A.D. 170” (with slide
    list) (1985?)
“An Archaeologist’s View of ‘the Stoa’” (only slide list) Queen’s University, Ontario (10
    October 1987)
“Some Highlights in the Excavation of the Athenian Agora” Alexander S. Onassis Center, New
    York University (November 1992)
“Sokrates as Citizen in Democratic Athens” Alexander S. Onassis Symposium (November 1992)
“The Old Agora” Princeton University (15 October 1993)

Folder 3: “The Agora” (nd)
          “The Altar of Pity in the Athenian Agora” (with notes and photos) (nd)
Folder 4: “Athena and her Owl” (nd)
          “Athenian Contributions to the Iconography of the Sun God Mithras” (with slide list) (nd)
“Athenian Vase-Painting: An Urban Art” (nd)
“Building for Prestige in Ancient Athens” (with slide list) (nd)
“Color in Greek Architecture” (with slide list) (nd)
“Down from the Heights: Power Shifts in Ancient Athens” (with slide list) (nd)
“The Greek Navy” (nd)

Folder 5: “ ‘The Hall of Votives Gifts’ on Samothrace” (notes, drawings, note from Evelyn Harrison) (nd)
“A Note on the Berlin Foundry Cup” (nd)
“The Period of Lykourgos in the Athenian Agora” (with notes) (nd)
“The Pnyx in Athens: A Study based on Excavations conducted by the Greek Archaeological
    Service Directed and described by K. Kourouniotes and Homer A. Thompson” (nd)
“Priene and Athena Parthenos” (hand-written draft, notes, photos) (nd)

Folder 6: “Public Lectures on the Pnyx” (nd)
“Some Libraries in Ancient Athens” Bryn Mawr (nd)
“Stones of Athens” (nd)
“Syrian Wheat in Hellenistic Egypt” Ann Arbor, Michigan (nd)
“War Memorials in Athens and Pergemon” (nd)
“The West Side of the Athenian Agora” (nd)
A Corinth Manuscript (nd)
Distribution list for H.A.T.’s articles (1960-1988)

BOX 169

Lecture Outlines

Folder 1: “The Archaeologist at Work” Trinity Classics Club (4 November 1936)
“The Mines of Laurion” Victoria Classics Club (16 November 1937)
“Agora Excavation” St. Leonard’s Anglican Church (2 December 1937)
“Old and New Around the Aegean” Trinity Classics Club et al. (25 October 1938)
“The Artistic Debt of Greece to the East” Toronto Classical Society (24 November 1938)
“Classical Revivals in the Arts and Crafts” R.O.M.A. (29 November 1938)
“The Excavation of the Athenian Agora” Pierian Club of Toronto (9 December 1938)
“Greece in the Time of Pericles” R.O.M.A. (12 January 1939)
“A Golden Victory” (Dorothy Burr Thompson and H.A.T.) Trinity College Classics Clubs (24
    October 1939)
“Agora Excavations and Golden Nikai” University of Western Ontario Classics Club (10
    November 1939)
“Agora Excavations” Victoria College (14 February 1940)
“Roman Galleries” Scarborough Collegiate Classics Club et al. (5 March 1940)
“Agora Excavations” Parkdale Collegiate Institute (3 April 1940)
“How the Greeks Wrote Greek” Trinity Classics Club et al. (24 October 1940)
“Greek Athletics” Scarborough Collegiate Classics Club et al. (25 October 1940)
“Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” R.O.M.A. (31 October 1940)
“Pottery Making in Greece New and Old” Canadian Potters Guild (19 February 1942)

Folder 2: “Golden House of Nero” U.C. – Trinity Classical Association (15 October 1942)
“Arts in Society: Athens of V-IV Centuries” U. of T. Art Gallery (31 October 1945)
“Apulia a Landing Place” U.C. – Trinity Classics Club (18 October 1945)
“The Athenian Agora as Civic Center” Ontario Classics Association (5 October 1946)
“Great Toe of Dionysos” Victoria Classics Club (22 October 1946)
“The Excavation of the Agrippeion” R.K.O. Group (11 December 1946)
“The Struggle in Greece” AHEPAS (2 February 1947)
“The Athenian Agora: Europe’s First Civic Center” National Gallery, Ottawa (5 February 1947)
“Greek Archaeology in the 20th Century” Victoria College Lecture Series (12 February 1947)
“Greek Portraits” University Extension (10 March 1947)
“Ancient Libraries” Special Librarian Association (17 April 1947)
“Excavations in the Athenian Agora” AIA series (27 November 1947)
“Greece : 1947” Canadian Institute of International Affairs, Toronto (2 December 1947)
“Digging in Ancient Athens” Princeton High School, Latin students (16 January 1948)
“Excavations in the Athenian Agora 1946-48” Oxford et al. (August 1948)
“Periclean Pediments” Princeton Chapter, AIA (7 December 1948)
Folder 3: “The Attalids in Athens” (August 1950)
“The Athenian Agora” Princeton High School et al. (9 October 1950)
“Athens and the Hellenistic Princes” Institute of Fine Arts, NYU (17 October 1952)
“What it is to be a Scholar” Rutgers University (20 October 1952)
“Agora 1953” AIA lecture series (Autumn 1953)
“The Topography and Monuments of Greece” Classroom lecture notes 1954-1955, 1957-1958,
“Stoa of Attalos” Princeton High School (18 October 1955)
(Agora) Phillips Exeter Academy (23 September 1956)
“Agora Excavations: 1957” IAS (2 November 1957)
“Heroes and Gods in the Athenian Agora” Rider College (22 January 1976)
“Commemoration of Victory in Athens and Pergamon” (nd)
“Neo-Attic Contributions to the Iconography of Mithraism” (with outline, notes, offprints,
    illustrations) (nd)