Homer A. Thompson Papers: Series XIII

Supplement (Boxes 206-210)

BOX 206: Correspondence and Business

Folder 1: “Papers related to Homer Thompson (1998-2009)”, Princeton description of these papers
Correspondence with ASCSA (1964-1979)
Correspondence with ASCSA (1980-1984)
Correspondence with ASCSA (1985-1989)
Correspondence with ASCSA (1990-2001)
(This correspondence chiefly concerns donations made by Homer A. and Dorothy B. Thompson to the ASCSA.)

Folder 2: ASCSA Trustee Investment Pool: Vanguard Fund Checks (1983-1985)
ASCSA Trustee Investment Pool: Vanguard Fund Checks (1986-1993)
ASCSA Trustee Investment Pool: Vanguard Reports
ASCSA Trustee Investment Pool: Ivy Investors (1983-1993)
ASCSA Trustee Investment Pool: Correspondence with Ludmila Schwarzenberg (1983-1992)

BOX 207: Personal

Folder 1: Articles about Homer A. Thompson in ASCSA Newsletters (1977-1997)
Articles about Homer A. Thompson in various newsletters and publications (1978-2000)
Photographs of Homer A. Thompson: on a motorcycle (nd); trying to identify people in a 1932
   Agora photograph with Cathy Vanderpool and Doreen Spitzer (September 1999); with Cathy
   Vanderpool, Dorothy B. Thompson and their daughter, Hope (April 1999); with unidentified
   person (nd); and a photograph of the Thompson daughters (June 2000)
Honors and Awards:
   Paris X Nanterre University, Honorary Degree (27 January 1984)
   Doctor of Law, Queen’s University, Ontario (1986)
   Kenyon, Medal, British Academy (1991)
   The Alexander S. Onassis Center Medal for Excellence in Hellenic Studies, New York
     University (1992)
   Thomas Jefferson Medal for Distinguished Achievement in the Humanities, American
   Philosophical Society (1996)
   Honorary Degree, Princeton University (1997)
   Annual Homer A. Thompson and Dorothy B. Thompson Lecture, Princeton (nd)
Homer  A. Thompson’s 90th birthday celebration (1996)
Private visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with photographs (1999)
Homer A. Thompson’s obituaries (2000-2001)

Folder 2: Biography of Homer A. Thompson by this daughter, Pamela Sinkler-Todd: preparation
Biography of Homer A. Thompson by his daughter, Pamela Sinkler-Todd (1998-2002)

Folder 3: Transcription of Homer A. Thompson’s 1929 to 1945 diaries by his daughter, Pamela Sinkler-Todd

BOX 208: Photographs

Folder 1: Agora Picture Book, Number 3, Dorothy B. Thompson, Miniature Sculpture from the
   Athenian Agora (drawing, mock-up of book, mock-up of plates 64-66, four loose photographs)
Agora Picture Book, Number 4, Mabel Lang, The Athenian Citizen (31 B/W various sized
   photographs, three copies of drawings)
Agora Picture Book, Number 5, E. B. Harrison, Ancient Portraits from the Athenian Agora (47
   B/W various sized photographs and two postcards)

Folder 2: Agora Picture Book, Number 7, M. A. Franz, Middle Ages in the Athenian Agora (55
   B/W various sized photographs, mock-up of cover and book, two pencil and ink drawings, two
Agora Picture Book, Number 8, Dorothy B. Thompson, Garden Lore of Ancient Athens (25 B/W
   various sized photographs, six ink tracings)

Folder 3: Hesperia 30 (1961), unidentified, (plate proofs, plates 73-92)
Hesperia 31 (1963), Dorothy B. Thompson, “Three Centuries of Hellenistic Terracottas” (mock-
   up of plates 72-78, 80-83, 88-91, photocopy and two pen tracings)
Hesperia 31 (1963), A. D. Ure, “Boeotian Pottery from the Athenian Agora” (mock-up of plates
Hesperia 35 (1966), Ann H. Ashmead, “Fragments by the Kleophrades Painter from the
   Athenian Agora”, mock-up of plates 7-9, 11, 12
Hesperia 35 (1966), E. Vermuele and J. Travlos, “Mycenean Tomb Beneath the Middle Stoa”
   (mock-up of plates 19-22)

BOX 209: Photographs

Folder 1: Hesperia 37 (1968), Gerald V. Lalonde, “A Fifth Century Hieron” (mock-up of plate
Hesperia 39 (1970), R. Nicholls, “Architectural Terracotta Sculpture” (mock-up of plates 32-38,
   3 University of Cambridge envelopes with various sized B/W photographs)
Hesperia 41 (1972), Steven Miller, “A Roman Monument” (mock-up of plates 13-18)
The Athenian Agora, 8 (1962), Eva Brann, “Late Geometric and Protoattic Pottery” (45 large
   B/W photographs)

Folder 2: Alison Frantz photo file #120.10 (or 479) for John Stasyn (11 large B/W photographs)
Evelyn Smithson’s personal and archaeological photographs (35 35mm color negatives, 100
   35mm B/W negatives, 46 B/W snapshots)
“Mould for Megarian Bowl” (1 small B/W photograph)
“Roman Terracottas from the Athenian Agora” (34 large B/W photographs “useful for study
   purposes” with concordance)

Folder 3: Mounted photographs, Agora (9)

Folder 4: Mounted photographs, Pynx (5)

Folder 5: Mounted photographs, Miscellaneous (3)

Folder 6: Mounted photographs, unlabeled (8)

BOX 210

Small file box with over 100 small index cards: “Agora Excavations: Concordance of (P)lans
   and (D)rawings Nos. & P)ottery Nos.”