William Aigner Wigram Papers


Collection Number:  GR GL WAW 047
Name (s) of Creator (s): William Aigner Wigram (1872-1953)
Title: William Aigner Wigram Papers
Date [bulk]: 1931-1953
Date [inclusive]:
Language (s): English
Summary: The collection contains photographs of Wigram's participation in the 'Hellenic Travel'  trips  (1931-1934) led by Sir Henry Lunn (1859-1939), other trips, obituaries, and letters of condolences.
Quantity: 0.10 linear meters
Immediate Source of Acquisition: Gift of Gerald Cadogan, 1982
Information about Access: The collection is available for research.
Cite as: American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Archives, William Aigner Wigram Papers (Αμερικανική Σχολή Κλασικών Σπουδών στην Αθήνα, Τμήμα Αρχείων, Αρχείο William Aigner Wigram)

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Reverend William Aigner Wigram (1872-1953) was appointed in 1902 by the Archbishop of Canterbury to head the latter's mission to the Assyrian Christians in Kurdistan.  In 1922 he became chaplain to the British Legation in Athens, where he actively participated in the relief efforts for the Greek refugees from Asia Minor. In 1928 Wigram was appointed to a canonry in Malta. 


Folder 1 Photos

[Please note. The captions of the photos belong to W.A. Wigram]

1.Monastery of Simopetra. Mt. Athos. 1931

2.Monastery of St. Barlam, Meteora Near Kalabaka. 1931

3.Monastery of Meteoron, Meteora Near Kalabaka. 1931

4.Arran. Marguerite Constantine and Helen Whitaker. 1931

5.The Apse. Torcello Near Venice. 1931

6.The Proveditor’s Septrau Near Spalato. 1931

7.Monastery of Dochiaireou. Mt. Athos. 1931

8.Monastery of Dionysius. Mt. Athos. 1931

9.Sibenik Cathedral. West Door. 1931

10.Sibenik Cathedral. North Door. 1931

11.Ragusa. City Walls. 1931

12.Roman Theatre of Nikopolis Near Preveza. 1931

13.W.A.W. in Drobes(?) no year

14.Caryae. The womanless tour. 1931

15.Monastery of Sinopetra.Mt. Athos. 1931

16.Monastery of Vatopedi. Mt. Athos. 1931

17.Monastery of Dochiaireou. 1931

18.Vatopedi. 1931

19.Vatopedi. Great Court. 1931

20.Xeropotamou. 1931

21.Monastery of St. Mahum. Okrida. 1931

22.Monastery of St. Nahum. Okrida with Polish Journalist. 1931

23.Monastery of St. Nahum Near Okrida. 1931

24.Vatopedi. Courtyard




28.View from Janina Castle

29.CWW. On the mile journey. Janina – Metsovo – Kalabaka

30.Congregation on the Acropolis

31.My Congregation on the Asclepeion, Athens. I had just called their attention to the “Sacrificial pit” by which photographer was standing and he snapped them. Observe the Joup.

32.Congregation on the Acropolis

33.Congregation on the Acropolis

34.Lecturing at Olympia. A very touching back view



37.My congregation! Camera being at my side I am not visible, but they are beautifully attentive

38.W.A. Wigram

39.Cyprus. Colossi

40.Cyprus. St. Hilarion

41.Foundations of Tholos Epidaurus observe the waiting cars

42.Congregation on the Acropolis

43.Meteora. En route

44.Lissa. Mycenean fort near Nauplia- Epidaurus

45.Cyprus. St. Hilarion

46.Lecturing at Mycenae

47.My Congregation! In theatre of Dionysus. Preacher in Choric area

48.A lesson in humility. WAW lecturing in the theatre at Epidaurus.April 1933

49.WAW at Eleusis. 1932



52.Sunium. Keep this: it will make a good sl[ide?]

53.The Parthenon, August 28, 1934

54.Lecture on the Acropoli August 28, 1934

55.Olympia August 1934


Folder 2

-Three press cuttings

-Copy of Punch May 20, 1936 (pages are missing, last page a press cutting – photo of two Reverend Elders – the one on the right is Wigram)


-John Rankin to Miss Archibald on Reverend W.A. Wingram. No date

-Reverend W.A. Wigram Obituaries

-Consolation letters to Miss Wigram on the death of her brother Reverend W.A. Wigram  [8]

-A memoir of the Reverend William Ainger Wigram, BD (Camb), DD (Lambeth), sometime canon of Malta. Two pages, typewritten

-A biographical note of Reverend Willliam Ainger Wigram. Four pages, handwritten