Elizabeth and Carl Blegen

Carl W. Blegen Papers


Collection Number: GR ASCSA CWB 001
Name(s) of Creator(s): Carl W. Blegen (1887-1971)
Title: Carl W. Blegen Papers
Date [bulk]: 1910-1971
Date [inclusive]:
Languages: English, Greek
Quantity: 8 linear meters
Summary: The collection includes professional and personal correspondence, diaries, archaeological reports and notes, and photographs.
Immediate Source of Acquisition:
Carl W. Blegen, 1971.
Information about Access: The collection has been catalogued and is available for research. 
Cite as: American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Archives, Carl W. Blegen Papers (Αμερικανική Σχολή Κλασικών Σπουδών στην Αθήνα, Αρχείο Carl W. Blegen)

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1887: Born January 27
1904: B.A. University of Minnesota
1907: B.A. Yale University.; began graduate studies
1910-1911: Student at ASCSA
1911 - 1913: Fellow in Archaeology, ASCSA
1911: Excavation at Locris
1911 - 1914: Excavations at Corinth
1912 - 1915: Travels with Emerson Swift
1913 - 1920: Secretary, ASCSA
1915 - 1916: Excavation at Korakou (published 1921)
1918 - 1919: World War I Relief work in Macedonia & Bulgaria. Decorated with the Saviors Order in 1919 by the Greek State.
1920: Ph.D. Yale University
1920 - 1926: Assistant Director, ASCSA
1921 - 1922: Excavation at Zygouries (published in 1927)
1923 - 1924: Excavation at Hymettos (published in 1924)
1924: Excavation at Phlius
1924: Friday, June 11, married to Elizabeth Denny Pierce at Lake Placid, N.Y.
1925: Excavation at Prosymna
1926 - 1927: Acting Director, ASCSA
1926 - 1928: Excavation at Prosymna (published in 1937)
1927: Joined faculty at University of Cincinnati as Professor of Classical Archaeology
1931: Elizabeth Blegen bought the house at 9 Plutarch Street in Athens
1932 - 1938: Excavations at Troy
1939: Excavation at Pylos
1942 - 1945: Joined the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) at Washington, D.C.
1945 - 1946: Joined the U.S. Department of State at Athens
1948 - 1949: Director at ASCSA
1950 - 1957: Head of Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati
1951: Honorary degrees from the University of Oslo & University of Thessaloniki
1952 - 1969: Continuation of Excavations at Pylos
1957: Retirement from University of Cincinnati; receives honorary degree from Oxford University (D.Litt.)
1958: Honorary degree from Univ. of Cincinnati (LL.D.)
1963: Honorary degrees from Cambridge University (Litt.D.), University of Athens (doctorate), Hebrew Union College, and the Jewish Institute of Religion in Jerusalem.
1965: Gold Medal from the Archaeological Institute of America
1966: September 21, his wife Elizabeth died; Gold Medal from the Society of Antiquaries in London
1967: Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal from Yale Graduate School
1969: Gold Medal from the University of Cincinnati
1971: August 24, died; buried August 25 at Athens First Cemetery


The collection includes a variety of personal and professional papers, and a large number of letters from various Blegen family members. It is divided into five series: Series I. Archaeological Papers and Notes; Series II. Professional Correspondence; Series III. Personal Correspondence; Series IV. Miscellaneous; V. Photographs. The papers date from 1910 to the time of his death in 1971.

Series I: Archaeological Papers and Notes contains excavation papers, field reports, and manuscripts; travel journals relating to ASCSA field trips and notebooks with lecture notes from when he was an American School Fellow; and personal diaries documenting various trips, including the ones he made to Northern Greece, after the First World War, as a member of the American Red Cross. Note that diaries covering the period from 1922 to 1939 are missing and that the excavation notebooks of Pylos have been filed separately, as part of the Excavation Records Group of the American School. The majority of the excavation reports are from the time when Blegen was Assistant Director of the School and deeply involved in the School’s excavations. Most of the manuscripts concern oral papers which were never published. Finally, some of the notebooks and diaries include photographic logs which correlate with the photographs in Series VI.

Series II: Personal Diaries contains Blegen’s travel journals from various trips throughout Greece either as part of the American School program or the Red Cross missions. A number of these diaries include photo records, some of which correlate with photos in Series VI.  The diaries are arranged chronologically. Blegen’s notes on his leisure trip to Europe in 1913 can be compared to an account of the same trip in Emerson Swift’s Youthful Rambles. On the Trail of the Classics, 1912-1915 (California 1975).

Series III: Professional Correspondence contains letters associated with excavations, books and publications, applications, finances, students, and other issues. Also included in this Series is Blegen’s correspondence with Michael Ventris, A.J. Beattie and John Chadwick pertaining to the decipherment of the Linear B tablets. Blegen’s professional correspondence has been arranged in alphabetical order according to the agency of origin.

Series IV: Personal Correspondence contains letters from Blegen’s parents (1910-1924), mostly in Norwegian; his brothers and sisters; other family members and family friends; his wife Elizabeth; and from his good friends Bert H. Hill, Ida Thallon Hill, and Marion Rawson, his collaborator at Troy and Pylos.

Series V: Miscellaneous contains Blegen’s manuscripts on Greek politics, and correspondence concerning their publication; personal documents (birth certificate, passports, letters of introduction; some financial documents; news clippings; and a few three-dimensional object, like his trowel. Of particular interest are his political manuscripts which shed light on a little known facet of Blegen, that of his concern with the politics of Greece and her relations with the United States. Also of important note is that in 1945-1946 Blegen joined the U.S. Department of State at Athens. Finally, the Miscellaneous Series includes some of his books, and books written by his brother Theodore (Ted) Blegen. His archaeological books were given to the ASCSA Library, while his and Elizabeth's collection of mystery novels is currently housed at Loring Hall (the School’s hostel). His large collection of Greek books was given to the University of Cincinnati.

Series VI: Photographs includes photos of Blegen himself, his wife, family and friends, as well as photographs taken during his several trips, such as the European trip with Emerson Swift in 1913-1915 (see Youthful Rambles. On the Trail of the Classics, 1912-1915 (California 1975) by Emerson Swift), the island cruise of 1923 with the ASCSA members, and his trips to Macedonia, as a Red Cross representative.



BOX 1: Excavation Reports and manuscripts
Folder 1
Excavation Reports and Notes (Argive Heraeum[1927-28]; Corinth[1926]; Hagiorgitika[1928]; Hymettus, Nemea, Phlious[1924]; Korakou, Gonia; Kyparissi)

Folder 2
Excavation Reports and Notes (Pylos; Troy; Yiriza; Zygouries (1922), Zygouries, Hagiorgitika, and Mount Hymettus [1922])

Folder 3
Pylos Tablets

Folder 4
Manuscripts (“Corinthian History of the Dorian Invasion”; “Overland Communication in Greece during LH III”; “Pottery as Evidence for Trade and Colonization in the Aegean Bronze Age”; “The Date of the Treasury of Atreus”; and part of manuscript on the location of Ephyra)

Folder 5
Manuscripts (“Helladika,” “Pylos”)

Folder 6
Manuscripts (“Two Athenian Grave Groups of about 900 BC,” cf. Hesperia 21 (1952) 279-294.

Folder 7
Manuscripts (on Troy)

Folder 8
Book Reviews, Photographic Lists

Folder 9
Various Notes

Box 2: Offprints

Box 3: Journals and Notebooks

  * Trip to Central Greece (8 - 22 October 1910); and Various Topographical Notes
  * Northern Trip (Nov. 1911)
  * Lecture Notes - Foreign Schools (1911-12)
  * Trip to the Cyclades (4 - 10 May 1912)
  * Northern Trip (Oct. 1912)
  * Epigraphy Notes (1911); Draft of Fellowship Report (1912)
  * Lecture Notes (11 Dec. 1912 -5 March 1913)
  * Trip to Thessaly and Macedonia (3-28 Aug. 1917); including photo record.
  * 1917 Corinth Accounts, Erechtheum Frieze
  * Peloponnesian Trip 1921; Erechtheum Frieze (including photographic record 1921 & 1922)
  * Northern and Southern Trips (1922): See Blegen's excavation notebook for the Sanctuary of Zeus at Hymettus (1939) [ExcRec 013]
  * ASCSA Accounts (1922-1926)
  * Notes on Archaeology of Southern Acropolis
  * Athenian History Notes
  * Bibliography: History of Corinth
  * Sources of History of Corinth I
  * Sources of History of Corinth II
  * History of Corinth: Mythical to Dorians
  * Prosopographic Study of Ancient Corinth
  * Corinthian Notes


Box 4: Diaries (1913-1919)

Folder 1
1. Trip to Europe (July 1 - September 30, 1913)
2. October 1 - December 31, 1913
3. January 1 - February 26, 1914

Folder 2
4. Trip to the Dodecanese (March 5-16, 1914)
5. [1914] Notes on the “building addition of 1914”
6.  December 20, 1914 - February 27, 1915

Folder 3
  7. December 20, 1914 - August 7, 1915
  8. August 8, 1915 - March 13, 1916 (including notes on Prehistoric Sites/Corinthia)

Folder 4
  9. November 1, 1916 - April 1, 1917 (including photographic record for 1917; and manuscript on Allied Policy in Greece in 1915)
  10. Athens (Erechtheum) and Corinth (Photographic record 1914-1916)
  11. August 3-28, 1917 (including photo record 1917)
  12. Cash Account 1917-1920; includes list of rugs

Folder 5
  13. Northern Greece with the American Red Cross, Nov. 6 - Dec. 3, 1918; and unedited transcription
  14. Northern Greece with the American Red Cross, Jan.10 - May 17, 1919; and unedited transcription (loose document titled "Demir Hissar and villages in district. Number of persons needing help (food and clothing). Jan. 21, 1919)

Folder 6
  15. April 1922 (notebook probably kept during the Colophon Excavations; contents include learning Turkish, copying inscriptions, accounts, etc.)

Note: For more information on Blegen’s involvement with the Red Cross, see Jack L. Davis, “The American School of Classical Studies and the Politics of Volunteerism,” in Philhellenism, Philanthropy, or Political Convenience? American Archaeology in Greece, ed. Jack L. Davis and Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan, Hesperia 82:1, 2013.

Box 5: Diaries (1947 - 1971); not all years are represented (e.g., no diaries from 1951, 1966, 1969 and 1970)


Box 6: Institutional (Companies, Museums, Institutes, Universities) A - B

Folder 1

Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

Adams & Peck

Acres of Books

Aldine Publishing Company

Active Athens

Allegheny College

American Academy in Rome

American Academy of Arts & Sciences

American Association of University Professors

American Association of University Women

American Council of Learned Societies

American Express

American Farm School of Thessalonica

Folder 2

American Historical Association & American Historical Review (Boyd Shafer)

American Journal of Archaeology (Richard Stillwell)

American Numismatic Society

American Philological Association

American Philosophical Society

Folder 3

American Red Cross

Folder 4

American Research Institute in Turkey

ASCSA & ASCSA Auxiliary Fund

American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem

American Women’s Organization in Greece

Folder 5

Anatolia College (Thessaloniki)

Anglo-Hellenic Tours

Ankara Museum

Antioch College (Yellow Springs, OH)

The Archaeological Club

Archaeological Institute of America


Armour and Company

Art and Archaeology

Arthaud (Libraire-editeur)

Associate Alumnae of Vassar College

Association International d’Archeologie Classique

Athene Magazine

Folder 6

Athenium Publishers

Athens College

Athens Police Department

Augsburg College

Austrian Archaeological Institute (Vienna)

Bankers Trust Company

Barnes and Noble

B.T. Batsford, Ltd.

Battelle Memorial Institute

George Biraziller, Inc.

The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc.

Bollingen Foundation


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

British Council

British Museum

British School of Archaeology

Bucknell Review

Heinrich Burk Buchhandlung

Box 7: Institutional (Companies, Museums, Institutes, Universities) C - Q

Folder 1

Cambridge Ancient History

Cambridge University

Carleton College (Northfield, Minn.)

Cincinnati Art Museum

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation

The Clarendon Press


The Classical Bulletin (St. Louis University)

The Classical Journal

The Classical Weekly

College Year in Athens

Folder 2

Columbia University

Committee on International Exchange of Persons

Committee to Honor  Professor A.D. Keramopoullos

Congres International d’Archeologie Classique (IX)

Congress International of Classical Studies (III, IV)

Congresso Internazionale di Archeologia (VII)

Connecticut General Life Insurance Co.

Constantinople Women’s College

Cosmos Club

Cullen & Dykman (re: John Thallon)


Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Deutsches Archaologisches Institut

Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin (see Mitteilungen des Instituts für Orientforschung)

Directory of American Scholars

Doxiades Associates

Dutch Classical Society

Folder 3

Ecole francaise d’Athenes

Encyclopedia Britannica

The English-speaking Union of the Common Wealth

Ephoreia Herakleion

Ephoreia Olympia

Europa Publications

Evans Brothers, Ltd.

Faber and Faber

Feuardent Freres

Field Travel Service, Inc.

Fifth and Third Union Trust Co.

First International Congress of Mycenaeology

Fitrol Corporation

W. & G. Foyle, Ltd.

Friends of the Gennadius Library

Friends of Greece Relief Distribution

Friends of the National Archaeological Museum

Garden House Hotel, London

Gennadius Library

Greek American Cultural Institute

Greek Archaeological Service (re: G. Papathanassopoulos)

Folder 4

Greek Embassy, Washington

Greek Humanitarian Society

Walter de Gruyter & Co.

J.S. Guggenheim Memorial Foundation

Harper & Row, Publishers

Harrasowitz, Otto

Harvard University (Fogg Museum of Art)

Haverford College (Haverford, PA)

Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (Nelson Glueck)

W. Heffer & Sons, Ltd.

Hellenic Traveller’s Club

Historia, Victor Ehrenberg Bibliography

Historical & Philosophical Society of Ohio


Hospital Care Insurance

Hotel Cavandish, London

Folder 5

Illinois Classical Conference

Illustrated London News (Edward Bacon)

IN/SYNC Productions

Indiana University

Institute of International Education

Instituto per gli studi micenei ed egeo-Anatolici

Internal Revenue Service

International Council of Museums

International Nickel Company of Canada,Ltd.

The Israel Museum (Jerusalem)

International Social Service

Istanbul American College

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana (Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli)

Italian Embassy

The Jacques Cattell Press

Joint Library of the Hellenic & American Societies


The Kingsley Hotel, London

Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.

Kalamata Library

Lake Forest College

Lake Placid Club

Library of Congress

The Literary Club of Cincinnati

London Electrotype Agency

Louvre, Palais du (Musees Nationaux)

Folder 6

Macalester College

MacMillan & Co.

A.H. Marquis Co.

Meriden Gravure Co.

Merrill Lynch (Harold Hugo)

Methuen & Co. Ltd. Publishers

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ministry of the President, Department of Antiquities

Ministry of Religion and Public Education (Ministry of Culture)

Minnesota Alumnai Association

Mitteilungen des Instituts fur Orientforschung

Mount Holyoke College

The National Archaeological Museum, Athens

The National Bank of Greece and Athens

The National Ministry of Children and Orphans


Folder 7

New York University

Nomarchia of Argolid and Corinthia

Nomarchia of Nauplion

The Northern Assurance Company

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance

W.W. Norton Co. Inc. Publishers

Numismatic Museum


The Ohio Classical Conference

Ohio Medical Indemnity

Ohio, State of, Department of Taxation

Orientalisches Seminar der Universitat


Oxford University Press

Oxford Classical Dictionary

Pall Mall Press


Parker and Son (Booksellers)

Peerless Camera Store

Cleng Peerson Memorial Fund Committee

Penguin Books

Phi Beta Kappa

Phoenix Assurance Co.

Polish Academy

Princeton University Press

Propeller Club

The Putney School

Box 8: Institutional (Companies, Museums, Institutes, Universities) R - Z

Folder 1

George Rainbird Limited

Rand McNally and Company

Random House, Inc.

Rathbone Books Limited

Reviews on File

Rockefeller Foundation

Rolscreen Company

Royal Sailing Club of Greece

Scuola Archeologia Italiana

S.S. Pierce Co.

St. Andrew’s Church Committee

St. Paul’s Anglican Church

A.G. Sandoz Publishers

Saturday Evening Post

Scientific American

Scribner’s Sons

Sigma Xi

Smith College

Social Security Administration

Society of Antiquaries of London

Folder 2

Society of Antiquity Lovers

Society for the Care and Repair of Monuments in Turkey

Society of Cretan Historical Studies

Society for Historical and Educational Research on Crete

Soprintendenza alle Antichita Firenze

Southern Connecticut State College

Standard Oil Company of New York

Swedish Academy, Nobel Committee

Swedish Institute

Swedish Royal Academy of Letters, History, and Antiquities

Teacher’s Insurance and Annuity Association of America

The Texas Company

Thames & Hudson, Ltd.

Thomas Cook & Son

W. Stuart Thompson, Architect, A.I.A. and Associates

Time Magazine

Toledo Museum of Art

Toronto Star Weekly

Travel Bureau, Inc.

The Triopian Foundation

Turkey, President of

Folder 3

Unione Tipografico

U.S. Department of Commerce

U.S. Educational Foundation

U.S. Embassy, Athens

U.S. Embassy, Turkey

United States Information Service

Universitat Heidelberg

Universitat Tubingen

Universite de Lige

University of Aberdeen

University of Athens

University of California (Library)

University of Cincinnati (& Club)

University of Illinois (Library)

University of London

University of Michigan

University of Michigan Press

University of Minnesota (& Alum. Assoc.)

University of Pennsylvania (& Univ. Museum)

University Press Cambridge

University World Cruise

Folder 4

Vassiliades & Theofanides, Studebaker Agency

Visual Publications, Ltd.

Volos Archaeological Museum

Walters Art Gallery

Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft

Yale University (& Club)

Zachariou Foundation

Box 9: Individuals A - B

Folder 1

Abbott, Kenneth

Abercanway, Lord

Abramovitz, Kassie (Katherine)

Adams, Mr. and Mrs.

Adossides, Mrs. Elli

Adrock, F.E.

Afet, Prof. Bayan

Agard, Walter R. (to B. Hill)

Aign, Bernhard

Ailshie, W.K. (William)

Akerstrom, Prof. Ake

Akurgal, Dr. Ekrem

Alcorn, Jane

Aldrich, Harriet

Alexiou, S. (Stylianos)

Allen, J.T. (James)

Allen, W. Herbert (from Sumner Holbrook)

Alsop, Joseph

Altern, Arne

Folder 2

Amandry, Pierre

Amandry-Rebert, Anne-Marie

Amelung, Walther

Ames, Van Meter

Andronikos, Manoles

Androutsakis, D. (Dionyssios)

Angel, J. Lawrence

Antonakakis, Anthony

Antonopulos, Christ (DDS)

Apostolakis, John

Aring, Charles D. (MD)

Athanassiades, A.

Athanasiades, Eustr. and Hero (Ero)

Atkins, Mrs. Belle Clay Hancock

Aubreton, R.

Avery, Catherine

Avery, Myrtilla

Folder 3

Babbitt, Frank C.

Bacon, Francis

Baker, Hollis S. and M.

Bakoulis, Ioannis (see Hetty Goldman)

Balaphoutes, K.

Balascas, A.

Bancroft, Margaret

Barbour, Bob

Barbour, George and Dorothy

Barnum, Earl M.

Barto, Jane

Bartonek, A.

Bartsocas. Christos

Bassett, S.E. (Samuel)

Bastias, John C.

Bates, Fredrick O.

Bates, W.N. (William)

Beattie, A.J. (and from Homer Thompson and articles and statements referring to the Blegen/Beatties Linear B controversy)

Beazley, J.D.

Beazley, Marie

Folder 4

Becatti, Giovanni

Bechtel, K.K. (Kenneth) (and from travel agent)

Beckjord, Mary

Beckjord, Walter

Beer, Ethel S.

Bellinger, Alfred (and to J. Caskey and to the ASCSA Managing Committee)

Bengiz, A.

Benjamin, Anna

Bennett, Emmett (see also Nestor)

Bennett, Margaret (and from children)

Bennett, W. Tapley Jr.

Bentley, M. Julia

Benton, Sylvia

Berard, J. (Jean)

Bergal, Lynda

Bermingham, Tom

Folder 5

Biers, Bill

Biesantz, H.

Biran, A.

Bishop, Allison

Bittel, K.

Black, Anna S.

Blades, Brian

Blake, Marion

Bloomberg, Marguerite (and to B. Hill and from Oberlin)

Boardman, John

Boas, George

Boegehold, Alan L.

Boethius, Axel (“Bo”)

Bonner, Tom

Boubou, Helene

Boulter, Cedric (and from the University of Cincinnati)

Boulter, Pat

Bouphidis, N.

Bourberin, Konstantinos I.

Boutroy, Miss L. (Louie)

Boycott, Brian

Boyer, Esther

Bradeen, Don

Brady, Henrietta

Brakinou, S.G. (Sparti)

Brardt, William F.

Braunholtz, M. Herford

Brewster, David

Briggs, Ellis O.

Brini, M. Louise

Briskier, Arthur

Brockhaus, F.A.

Broneer, Oscar

Brown, Gary M.

Brown, J.

Brown, W.L.

Buck, Carl D.

B Unidentified

Box 10: Individuals C-F

Folder 1

Cabot, Maud B.

Caebros, Jimmy

Caldwell, Robert & Martha

Camerer, E.E. (Emil)

Cameron, Hamish

Camp, Edith

Camp, John

Canaday, Mariam

Canaday, Ward

Capps, Edward (kept separately)

Carpenter, Rhys

Carroll, Harry J.

Carson, Cary

Cash, Mary

Caskey, Betty

Caskey, L.D.

Catling, Hector

Cellarius, Charles

Folder 2

Chadwick, John (and articles and statements referring to the Blegen/Beattie Linear B controversy)

Charniak, Hyman

Chase, G.H. (and to and from others re: printing of Blegen's work)

Chase, Nancy

Child-Scoggin, Susan

Childe, V. Gordon

Christensen, Bernhard

Christopoulos, P.

Clarke, Eleanor P.

Clay, Edith

Cleator, P.E.

Clement, Paul A. (and from Evelyn Mohr)

Cole, Ashley T.

Cole, Edward

Collingwood, Teresa

Cook, John

Cook, Robert

Cottrell, Leonard

Cox, Dorothy H.

Crawford, Frederick C.

Creighton, David

Crossland, R.A. (Ronald)

Crous, Ernst

Cummer, W. Willson

Curtis, A. (and to B. Hill)

Curtis, C.D.

Czarnowski, John

Folder 3

Dall’Asta, Eberhard R.

Daniel, Glyn

Darras, Panagiota

Darrow, Dr.

Darrow, Karl

Daux, Georges

Davis, Homer

Davis, Marjorie

Davis, Mary C.

Davis, Philip

Davis, S.

Davison, J.A.

Dawkins, R.M.

DeCamp, John P.

De Jong, Effie

De Jong, Piet (and to Homer and receipts)

Delson, S.M.

Demetropoulos, Phronietta

Denman, Frank T. (and insert on Linear B)

Deroy, L. (Louis)

Desborogh, Vincent

Dewing, Arthur S.

Folder 4

Dickerman, Sherwood O.

Dickinson, Edwin

Diel, Garance

Dillon, Myles

Dinsmoor, William Jr.

Dinsmoor, William Sr. (and Interim Report to ASCSA, and petition to AIA listing requirements to fix the National Archaeological Museum)

Dinsmoor, Zillah (Mrs. William Sr.)

Diomis, Electra

Dohan, Edith A.

Donnelly, Joseph

Donovan, Bill

Dorig, J.

Doerpfeld, Wilhelm

Dorwin, John T.

Dow, Sterling

Doyle, Anne

Dragoumis, Philip

Draper, Isabelle

Draper, John W.

Droppers, Seton R.

Dunbabin, T.J.

Durbin, Thomas

Durrell, Richard

Dutcher, George Matthew

Duyuran, RŸstem

Edmonson, Colin

Edson, Charles F.

Edwards, Roger

Ehrenberg, Victor

Eisenhardt, Dr. Ewald

Elderkin, G.W.

Elliadi, Mr.

Eliot, C. William J.

Else, Gerald F.

Ephron, Henry D.

Erhardt, John G.

Espy, Wallace

Evans, Arthur (copy)

Evans, Elizabeth

Evjen, Harold P.

Evrard-Garbe, Georges

Ewald, Dr. F.

Eyland, Priscilla S.

Folder 5

Fant, Jesse E.

Fassin, Gretchen

Felsch, Rainer

Fischer, Sara (and from J. Caskey)

Flanagan, John T.

Fleischmann, Julius


Ford, George H.

Foster, Elsie

Fowler, H. (Harold) (and notes on Erechtheum Frieze)

Fox, W. Sherwood

Franchot, C.P.

Frankenfurter, Estelle S. (and from her sister)

Frantz, Alison

Freienmuth von Helms, Johann C.

French, David

French, Elizabeth (Wace) (and notes on pottery from Pylos)

Frick, William M.

Fry, Varian

Furumark, Arne

Box 11: Individuals G-L

Folder 1

Gale, Oliver M.

Galland, Georgette

Gallavotti, Carlo

Gandert, Prof. O.F.

Garland, Paul

Geerlings, Gerald K.

Gejvall, Nils-Gustof

Georgacas, Demetrius J.

Gialouris, Nikos

Giannestras, N.J. (MD) (Nicholas)

Gill, Margaret A.V.

Gillieron, E., Fils

Gilman, Margaret (and to B. Hill)

Glubok, Shirley

Glueck, Nelson (see Hebrew Union College)

Goethert, F.W.

Goldman, Hetty (and notes on excavation at Colophon and notes and lists - Ioannis Bakoulis)

Gomme, Arnold

Gordon, Cyrus


Grace, Virginia

Graham, J. Walter

Green, Hilary M.N.

Greenbaum, M. (Meyer)

Greene, James

Greenwalt, Crawford

Gulick, Prof. Charles

Gunst, Mrs. H.W.

Folder 2

Haag, Herbert

Hadjilazarou, Irene

Hafner, Victor L.S.

Haight, Miss

Haley, J.B. (and to B. Hill)

Haley, Nancy

Hambridge, Joy

Hamlyn, Ralph

Hammond, Mason

Hammond, Nicholas

Hammond, Susan

Hanfmann, George

Hardinge, Constance

Harissiadis, Dimitrios

Harland, J.P.

Harris, Roger

Harrison, Evelyn

Harrison, Wallace K.

Hartley, Betty

Harwood, Josephine

Hasluck, Margaret

Hatch, Prof. W.H.P.

Haugen, Bette

Haugen, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. (Fern)

Hawthorne, John G. (and request for research grant, Isthmus)

Hayes, John

Heilbron, Bertha

Heinsch, Dr.

Helland, Irene

Higgins, Reynold

Hill, Bert H. (kept separately)

Hill, Priscilla Capps (and from Martin Shallenberger)

Hiller, Virginia B.

Hoenigswald, Henry M.

Hoffmeyer, Ada Bruhn

Holbrook, W. Sumner Jr.

Hollister, John B. (and poem)

Homans, Mary A.

Hood, Sinclair

Hope, Rosemary

Hoppin, Eleanor D.

Hoppin, Joseph Clark

Houston, Oscar R. (Standard Oil Company of New Jersey)

Hoverstad, Torstein

Hroznà, Bedèich

Hubbe, Rolf

Hughes-Brock, Mrs. Helen

Hugo, Harold

Hull, Ramona

Huxley, George L.

Folder 3

Iacovidis, Spyros (and CV)

Immerwahr, Henry

Ingholt, Harald

Irmscher, J.

Izant, Grace Goulder

Jacoby, Claude

Jaffee, Robert I. (and to Plenderlief and bronze analysis)

James, Edward M.

Jameson, Michael

Janus, Christoper G.

Johnson, Allan C.

Johnson, Franklin P.

Johnson, Philip

Johnston, Mary E.

Jolly, Alison Bishop

Jones, Dramin D.

Jones, Howard M. (poem)

Jones, Leslie W.

Jones, Pamela

Jordan, Imelda M.

Jullien, Kathryn

Kahn, Mr.

Kalogeropoulou, Athina

Kambuts, Zigrida

Kandaki, Anastasia

Kanter, Helene J.

Karageorghis, Vassos

Karo, Georg

Karouzos, Christos

Karouzou, Semni Papaspyrides

Kasadami, I.and D.

Kates, George N.

Katzenellengoben, Adolf

Keagy, W.R. (“Bob”)

Kelley, Dana

Kelly, William

Kelsey, Prof. Francis (and to B. Hill)

Kenna, The Rev. E.V.S.

Kilby, Charles H.

King, Lida Shaw

Kittredge, Bill (& Caryl)

Kleve, Knut

Kohler, Ellen

Kokonis, Aziza (and invoices)

Kolar, Albert R. (M.D.)

Korecky, Dr. M.

Kondoleon, Alexander

Kontis, Ioannis

Kosay, Dr. Hamit Z.

Kosmopoulos, Leslie (see also Walker, Alice Leslie)


Kourebanas, Panayotis

Kourouniotis, Konstantinos

Kousoulas, Christos J.

Ktistopoulos, K.

Krorec, Andrej

Kurumu, Turk Tarih

Kyparissiotis, Leda

Kyparissiotis, Niobe

Kyriakides, Aristides

Folder 4

Lamb, Winifred

Landeau, Jeanette K.

Landsverk, Vidar

Lang, Mabel (and to Mr. Peckham and to M. Rawson and lecture notes)

Langdon, Merle

Langsam, Geoffrey

Langsam, Julie

Langsam, Walter

Lansdale, Herbert

Lapp, Paul W.

Larkin, Edwin & Florence

Larsen, Jakob

Lattimore, Dick

Lawson, Carol Skinner

Leanti, Margaret Bliss

Lee, Caroline

Lee, Charles W.

Lee, Lt. Gen. John C.H.

Lehman, Karl

Levi, Doro Anna

Levillain, Mr. Jean

Lewis, Helene M.

Lindabury, Dick

Lippincott, Virginia

Lissner, Ivar

Litton, Albert

Loeb, Hermann

Logan, John G.

Long, Pamela

Loomis, Julia

Lorandos, N.I.

Lord, Louis (re:Shirley Weber) (and minutes and program of Managing Committee meetings)

Lord, Mary Louise

Lotspeich, C.M. (Claude)

Lotspeich, William D. (MD)

Ludington, Morris H.

Lulofs, J.D.

BOX 12: Individuals M-P

--Folder 1

MacKendrick, Paul

MacLean, Angus

MacMahon, Robert C.

Macurdy, Grace

MacVeagh, Lincoln

Malone, Kemp

Manton, G.R.

Marinatos, Spyridon

Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. George Henry

Martin, C.B. (and to B. Hill)

Martin, Dorothy (and receipt from C. Blegen)

Mason, Laurens D.

Masson, Olivier

Matsagou, Antonia

Matson, Fred (and business card)

Matteau, Martha

Matz, F. (Friedrich)

Mavris, N.G. (Nicholas)

Mavroulia, Sapho

Mayfield, Frank H. (MD)

McCabe, Gertrude

McCauley, Leo P.

McCormick, Richard P.

McCredie, James R.

McDonald, Bill (and reference to Guggenheim)

McDonald, Sue

McDonald, Mrs. William (Lib)

McGiffert, Arthur C.

McGregor, Ian

McGregor, Malcolm

McKay, Donald C.

McNeal, R.A.

--Folder 2

Megaw, Peter

Mellink, Machteld

Mendell, C.W. (Clarence)

Mercer, Ernestine E. (and to B. Hill)

Meritt, Ben

Meritt, Lucy Shoe

Merkel, Edward

Merrett, T.H.

Meyer, Ernst

Meyer, Karl E.

Miller, Helen Hill

Miller, Stephen

Miller, Walter

Mitchell, W.A.

Mitford, T.B.

Monoury, Pierre

Montgomery, Henry C.

Morgan, Charles H.

Morley, S.W.

Morse, Cora

Mortensen, Gerda

Mourikis, S. (Spyros)

Muhlstein, Hugo

Murrill, R.

Myers, Hobart

Mylonas, George

Myres, J. L.

--Folder 3

Nestor, John J.

Neuestadter, Eleanor

Nilsson, Martin P.

Noe, Sydney

Nolan, J.T.

Nutting, Willis D.

Nyce, Fletcher

Nye, Irene

Oakley, Horace

Ochsenschlager, Edward

Olin, Per

Olivier, Jean-Pierre

Oppenheim, Baron Max von (and business card)

Orlandos, A.

Orlandos, Prof. H.K.

Osborn, Dr. Dale P.

Outcalt, R. Franklin

Overbeck, John C.

Packard, Emma

Page, Prof. Denys

Paine, Mrs. H.S.

Pallis, Alexander

Palmer, C.R.

Palmer, Hazel

Palmer, Leonard (and a speech)

Palmer, Walter

Pangopoulos, Charis

Papadakis, N.

Papademos, D.

Papadimitriou, John (and Mrs.)

Papadopoulos, A.J.

Papahadjis, Mr.

Papaioannou, D., P., I. & G. (and from C. Blegen and B.Hill)

Papaspyrides, Semni (see Karouzou)

Papastavrou, Prof. J.S.

Papathanasopoulos, George

Papigkis, Ioannis

Paraskevaidis, Miltis

Parker, Wyman and Jane

Parsons, Arthur and Gladys

Paton, J.M.

Patten, Henry J.

--Folder 4

Pealey, John

Pearson, Lionel

Pendlebury, John

Perdike, Demosthenes K.

Perrin, Lester

Perry, E.D.

Peruzzi, Emilio

Petrococlusio, D.P.

Petsas, Photios M.

Pettapiece,  M.C. (D.O.)

Philinos, F.

Philippides, Mary Zelia

Picard, Charles

Pisani, E.

Pocock, L.G.

Pogue, Faye

Pomerance, Mr.

Popovitch, Dr. Vladislav

Port, George

Posner, E.

Poulitsas, Panyotis

Pratt, Laura Parsons

Pratt, Norman T.

Priestly, Jacquetta

Prindle, Lester M.

Putnam, Michael C.J.

Quatrepoint, Robert (see Renouard, Pierre for Blegen’s response)

Box 13: Individuals R-T

--Folder 1

Rabnett, Jane

Rackall, Mary Earle

Raison, Jacques

Ramage, Edwin S.

Rambo, Eleanor F.

Rankin, Carl & Pauline

Raubitschek, Toni & Isabelle

Rawson, Marion (kept separately)

Rawson, Dorothy (kept separately)

Reeves, Charles H. (and to C. Mohrmann from C. Blegen)

Reisner, George A.

Renfrew, Colin

Renfrew, Jane M.

Renourd, Pierre (and Quatrepoint, Robert)

Rhomaios, K.A.

Richter, Curt

Richter, Gisela

Ridgway, Mrs. Henry Wright (Bruni)

Ridley, Michael

Riis, P.J.

--Folder 2

Robinson, C.A. Jr.

Robinson, D.M. (David)

Robinson, Henry S.

Robinson, Howard

Robinson, Rebecca

Roebuck, Carl

Rosing, Gisela

Rowe, Stan

Russell, Mary E.

Russell, Sandra L.

Ryberg, Inez Scott

Ryder, Osborne H.

--Folder 3

Sagmaster, Joe

Sakellarakis, Yannis

Sakellariou, Dr.


Saloway, Robert (Blegen responded to Solomon)

Sample, Mrs. Frances L.

Sanborn, Cyrus Ashton & Agnes

Sandeen, Ernest

Santa-Olalla, Julio Martinez

Schaal, Hans

Schachermeyr, Fritz

Schaeffer, C.

Scharer, J.

Schmitt, D.A.

Schoder, R.

Scobie, Ronald M.

Scoufopoulos, Niki

Seager, Henry

Seager, R.B. (Richard) (see McGabe, G. his mother)

Sears, Sarah C.

Sedgwill, A.C.

Semple, W.T.

Seraphetinides, Ser. E.

Setton, Kenneth

Severyns, A.

Shafer, Robert (with J. Caskey?)

Shapiro, Nancy R.

Shaw, J. Howland

Shaw, Joseph W.

Shawe, Wilfred H.

Shear, T. Leslie

Shear, T. Leslie Jr.

Shearing, Ann E.

Sheffield, Sam

Sherratt, A.G.

Shipley, Charles W.

Shirer, Mrs. William (Tess)

Shoe, Lucy (see Merritt, Lucy Shoe)

--Folder 4

Simpson, Jenny and Dick Hope

Sinclair, Gregg

Sinker, Paul (and from R.A. Close, British Council representative)

Sirkin, Helen and Abe (see Marinatos for a copy of a reply to Mrs. Sirkin)

Sittig, Ernst (German article)

Skarshaug, E.C.

Smith, Chard Powers (and article of Pylos)

Smith, Emil

Smith, Mildred (see University of Cincinnati)

Smith, Peter (Petros)

Smith, Watson

Smithson, Evelyn

Snowden, Frank M. Jr.

Snyder, John W.

Sorrell, Alan

Sotiriou, G.D.

Sperling, Jerome

Sperling, Patsy

Spitzer, Carl B.

Spitzer, Doreen Canaday

Steach, George

Steffler, Reinhard

Stella, L.A.

Stern, Joseph Jr.

Stevens, Gorham P.

Stewart, Zeph

Stillwell, Richard

Stinton, T.C.W.

Stow, Lloyd

Stratou, Dora

Strosetzki, Dr. Norbert

Stroud, Ronald

Stubbings, Frank

Sturgess, John

Styrenius, Dr.

Su, Kamil

Summers, R.E.

Sundwall, Johannes

Swift, E.H. (Emerson) (and to E.M. Antoniades)

Swindler, M.H.

Syriopoulos, C.T.

--Folder 5

Taft, Fran (Mrs. Seth)

Taft, Robert Jr.

Talbot, Phillips & Mildred

Talbot, Susan

Talcott, Lucy

Tavarez, Vera and Manuel

Taylor, Lily Ross

Taylor, O.E. (Otis Ellery)

Taylour, The Lady Millicent

Taylour, Lord William (and from M. Rawson for C. Blegen)

Thaw, Jeanette (to E. Blegen)

Thayer, J. Appleton

Themelis, Petros G.

Theocharis, D. (Dimitrios P.)

Thomas, Hylton A.

Thompson, Dorothy Burr

Thompson, Glenn & Margaret

Thompson, Homer A. (and to W. Canaday, J. Caskey, A. Frantz, P. de Jong and trip itinerary for 8/1970) 

Thompson, Stuart (and Gladys)

Thornton, Joan

Titus, Georgianne

Todd, Otis Johnson

Toll, Charles

Toll, Richard (and family)

Topping, Peter

Trahman, Carl

Travlos, John

Tritsch, F.J.

Trufant, Samuel A. (MD)

Tsakona, Magdalen

Tselios, K and N. (Christos and Nikolaos)

Turner, Prof. E.G. (Eric)

Tytus, Margo

Tzini, G. (Georgios)

Box 14: Individuals T-Z (including unindentified)

--Folder 1

Ure, Percival

Valmin, Natan

Van Buren, A.W. (and to B. Hill)

van der Osten, H.H.

Vanderpool, Eugene

van Dijk, A.

Van Ingen, Ruth E.

Van Pelt, John V.

Vaughan, Agnes Carr

Vaughan, W.S.

Vazquez, Antonio N. Briceno

Veale, Douglas (and instructions to Honour Graduates - Oxford)


Ventris, Michael

Vermeule, Emily

Verrier, Lindsay

Vincent, Louise P.

Vogelstein, Ludwig

Vucetic, Aristid

Vorgias, I.N. (Βοργιάς, Ι.Ν.)

--Folder 2

Wace, Alan (and to B. Hill, and report of excavations at Mycenae); also folder with photocopies of letters from Alan Wace to Carl Blegen

Wace, Helen Pence

Walker, Alice Leslie (and from Cosmopoulos, and report of excavations at Corinth)

Walker, Bill

Walker, John and D.D.

Wallace, Paul W.

Walter, Otto

Walters, Dorothy

Walton, Alice

Walton, Frank

Wannemacher, W.L.

Ward, Pauline

Warren Jr., James E.

Warrington, G.H. (George)

Washington, Henry S.

Watt, Thomas

Weber, Roland von

Weinberg, Gladys

Weinberg, Saul

Weld, A.W.

Weller, C.H.

West, Allen B.

West, Andrew

Weston, Arthur H.

Weston, Gertrude

--Folder 3

Wheeler, Mortimer

White, J.C.

White, Paul Dudley

Whittaker, G. Howard

Whittall, Cedric G.

Whittall, G.

Whittemore, Thomas

Wiencke, Matthew

Wilber, Allen S.

Williams, Charles K.

Williams, E. Watson (MD)

Williams, ? (1914)

Wilson, Lillian M.

Wilson, Peggy

Winters, Robert K.

Wiseman, James

Wogec, Mary Frances B.

Wolf, C. Umhau

Woodbury, Leonard

Woodhouse, A.G.

Woodward, A.M.

Woodward, Hamish

Woolner, E.K. esq.

Workman, John Rowe

Wrightsman, Charles and Jane

Wulfing, John Max

Wulsin, Lucien

Wyatt, Natalie M. (Gifford)

Wyatt, William

Wyman, Mrs. Frances

Xanthoudides, Stephanos

Young, J. Donald

Young, Rodney

Zaimis, Salome

Zamarovsky, Vojtech

Zervis, Nikos I.

Zervos, C. (Christian)

Zeydel, Edwin H.

Zoras G.T.

--Folder 4

Unidentified (by first or possible last name)

--Folder 5

Unidentified (by year and undated)

--Folder 6

Unidentified (in Greek)

Box 15  Correspondence with E. Capps and J. Caskey


1 E. Capps (1919-1921)

2 E. Capps (1922-1923)

3 E. Capps (1924-1925)

4 E. Capps (1926-1929)

5 J. Caskey (1939-1959)

6 J. Caskey (1960-1965)

7 J. Caskey (1966-1970)

Box 16  Correspondence with B. H. Hill and Ida Thallon Hill


1 B.H. Hill (1912-1914)

2 B.H. Hill (1920-1923)

3 B.H. Hill (1924-1925)

4 B.H. Hill (1926-1929)

5 B.H. Hill (1930-1939)

6 B.H. Hill (1940-1958 & Undated)

7 Ida Thallon Hill

Box 17  Correspondence with Marion and Dorothy Rawson


1 M. Rawson (1939-1959)

2 M. Rawson (1960-1962)

3 M. Rawson (1963-1965)

4 M. Rawson (1966-1970 & Undated)

5 D. Rawson (1957-1969)

6 Letters to M. Rawson (1960 and 1970)


Box 18


1 Letters from his mother and father (1911-1912)

2 Letters from his mother and father (Jan. - June 1913)

3 Letters from his mother and father (July - Dec. 1913)

4 Letters from his mother and father (Jan. - June 1914)

5 Letters from his mother and father (July - Dec. 1914)

6 Letters from his father (1924-1928)

Box 19


1 Letters from his mother and father (Jan. - June 1915)

2 Letters from his mother and father (July - Dec. 1915)

3 Letters from his mother and father (March - June 1916)

4 Letters from his mother and father (July - Oct. 1916)

5 Letters from his mother and father (1918)

6 Letters from his mother and father (1922-1924)

Box 20


1 Letters from Hallward Blegen (1912 - 1924)

2 Letters from J.E. & Ida Blegen (1913 - 63)

3 Letters from Theodore C. Blegen (1912 - 1927)

4 Letters from Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1948-1959)

5 Letters from Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1960-1962)

6 Letters from Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1963-1964)

7 Letters from Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1965-1966)

8 Letters from Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1967-1968)

9 Letters to Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1964-1968)

Box 21


1 Letters from Anne Helene Blegen (1912-1919, 1924)

2 Letters from Anne Helene Blegen (1946-1960)

3 Letters from Anne Helene Blegen (1961 - 1965)

4 Letters from Anne Helene Blegen (1966 - 1970)

5 Letters from Martha Blegen (1911-1913)

6 Letters from Martha Blegen (1914-1919)

7 Letters from Martha Blegen (1924-1941)

8 Letters from Martha Blegen (1948-1956)

Box 22


1-2 Letters from Elizabeth Blegen (1923)

3 Letters from Elizabeth Blegen (1924)

4 Letters from Elizabeth Blegen (1928-1929)

5 Letters from Elizabeth Blegen (1931-1932)

6 Letters from Elizabeth Blegen (1933)

7 Letters from Elizabeth Blegen (1934-1935)

Box 23


1 Letters from Elizabeth Blegen (1936 -1937)

2 Letters from Elizabeth Blegen (1938 -1949, 1951)

3 Letters from Elizabeth Blegen (1952 -1954)

4 Letters from Elizabeth Blegen (1955 -1959)

5 Letters from Elizabeth Blegen (1960 -1961)

6 Letters from Elizabeth Blegen (1963 -1964)

7 Letters from Elizabeth Blegen (undated)

Box 24

Other Family and Friends

Folder 1

Augusta Olsen

Folder 2

Clara E. Blegen

Folder 3

Abrams, M.H.

Andronikitis, Anesti and Elpida

Archer, Laird

Blegen, Anne

Blegen, Dorothy

Blegen, Einar and Singrid

Blegen, Harald

Blegen, Robert

Blegen, Ted

Crum, Margie Blegen (Ted Blegen’s daughter)

Darley, Kathleen (Casey)

Helen (Elizabeth's niece)

Ginnstead, Molly

Gould, Cora

Grove, Robert M.

Kehoe, Lucile (Mrs. Robert M.)

Mayfield, Vicky

McConnell, Mae and Ruth

Palmer, Janice Blegen Hammer (see Spodick, Pearl Blegen)

Peterson, Douglas and Lois

Peterson, Olive

Pierce, Denny

Pierce, Mrs. William L. (“Mother Pierce”)

Potter, Emily

Folder 4

Ragchick, “Cousin”

Reinke, Harold and Ruth (Ruth is Harald Blegen’s daughter).

Roberts, Cornelia M.

Robertson, Lois and Gordon

Robinson, Rachel

Spodick, Pearl Blegen and Palmer

Svedonitch, Mrs. Slavca

Swenson, Alice

Taft, Mrs. Hulbert (Eleanor)

Wilder, B.

Wilson, Liz (Mrs. Russell)

Wright, E. Katherine

Wulsin, Mrs. Lucien (Peggy)

Box 25


1  Letters to his mother and father (1915 -1928)

2  Letters to Theodore C. Blegen (1908-1913)

3  Letters to Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1958 -1960)

4  Letters to Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1961)

5  Letters to Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1962)

6  Letters to Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1963)

7  Letters to Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1964)

8  Letters to Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1965)

Box 26


1  Letters to Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1966)

2  Letters to Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1967)

3  Letters to Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1968)

4  Letters to Theodore C. and Clara Blegen (1969-1970)

5  Letters to Theodore C. and Clara Blegen from Elizabeth Blegen (1961)

6  Letters to Theodore C. Blegen from Anne H. Blegen (1931 and 1961)

7  Letters to Theodore C. and Clara Blegen from Anne H. Blegen (1961-1967)

8  Letters to Martha Blegen (1922-1939)

9  Letters to Martha Blegen (1940-1946)

10  Letters to Martha Blegen (1947-1950)

Box 27


1 Letters to Martha Blegen (1951-1953)

2  Letters to Martha Blegen (1954-1957)

3  Letters to Martha and Anne Blegen (1947-1954)

4 Letters to Martha Blegen from Elizabeth Blegen (1924-1953)

5  Letters to Martha Blegen from Anne H. Blegen (1931-1939) 

6  Letters to Anne H. Blegen (1910-1970); folder also includes four letters to Anne after Carl's death in 1971

7  Letter to Anne H. Blegen from Elizabeth Blegen (1931-1961)

8  Letters to and from Anne H. Blegen (1959-1966)

9  Letters to the Robert Blegen family from Anne, Carl and Ida Blegen (1966)

10 Letters to Denny Pierce (1970-1971)


Box 28

Folders 1 -2:  Political Manuscripts

The United States and Greece (1948)

“Geography and People of Greece”

“Politics and Political Parties in Greece”

“Constitution and Government of Greece”

Folder 3: Related Correspondence

Folder 4: Other manuscripts (e.g., “Early Impressions of Greece”)

Folder 5: Varia from CWB's personal library: [Note: kept in a separate box at the end of the collection]

1. Capps, Edward, The American Red Cross in Greece, Athens 1919
2. Υπουργείο Εσωτερικών. Πίναξ των Δήμων και Κοινοτήτων του κράτους. Αθήνα, 1914
3. Refugee Service Committee for Greece. Report 29 April 1951- 31 December 1952. Athens
4. Δημ. Σ. Μπαλάνου, Φραγκλίνος Ρούσβελτ, Αθήνα 1945
5. Επαγγελματικόν Δελτίον Συλλόγου Αποφοίτων Κολλεγίου Αθηνών. Τεύχος 30 – Ιούνιος 1955
6. Royal Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Cyprus Question. Negotiations 4 October 1955 to 5 March 1956. Athens, 1956
7. Πανεπιστήμιον Θεσσαλονίκης. Έκθεσις πεπραγμένων κατά το πανεπιστημιακόν έτος 1950-1951. Θεσσαλονίκη, 1952
8. Typewritten lists with population numbers of Greek cities and villages. Δακτυλόγραφοι κατάλογοι με πληθυσμούς δήμων και κοινοτήτων: "Προσωρινά αποτελέσματα της Γενικής Απογραφής του πληθυσμού της 16ης Οκτωβρίου 1940"
9. ΦΕΚ 27 Μαρτίου 1925  "Περί ληπτέων υγειονομικών μέτρων προς καταπολέμησιν της ελονοσίας"
10. Αστυνομική διάταξις "Περί ληπτέων υγειονομικών μέτρων προς καταπολέμησιν της ελονοσίας" Κόρινθος, 12 Μαΐου 1925
11. ΦΕΚ "Περί εκτελέσεως του νόμου 2853 περί υδραυλικών εν γένει έργων"
12. ΦΕΚ 1 Απριλίου 1935
13. Ballots. Ψηφοδέλτια
14. Newspaper cutting - Christian Science Monitor, January 5, 1925. “Western Reserve Professor to Head Library at Athens”
15. Greek newspaper 'Eleftheria' Monday January 1, 1945. Εφημερίδα ‘Ελευθερία'  Δευτέρα 1 Ιανουαρίου 1945
16. Leaflet titled: Έκκλησις. Κατηγορώ τον Διευθυντή της Σωματικής Αγωγής κ. Ευαγ. Καλφαρέντζον ως εχθρόν των Αρχαιολογικών χώρων της Σπάρτης και της Ιστορίας αυτής. Σπάρτη τη 2 Ιουνίου 1952 Ιωάννης Μακρής Σπαρτιάτης

Box 29


1 Birth Certificate

Passports (1919, 1921, 1923, 1926, 1927, 1937, 1955, 1959, 1963)

Bureau de Contr™le InteralliJ Laissez-Passer, 1917

Bureau de Contr™le, American Red Cross permit to travel in Greece, 1918

Monument Pass, Antiquities de l’Egypt, 1928 - 29

Olsen Family Tree from 1965 Reunion

Drawing of a sealstone with Blegen’s initials

2 Curriculum vitae, letters of introduction, awards, diplomas (including ψήφισμα της Φιλοσοφικής Σχολής του Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών περί της ανακηρύξεώς του CWB σε επίτιμο διδάκτορα, 1963 - honorary PhD), speeches, programs & announcements [oversize diplomas are kept separately]

3 Book contracts (Thames & Hudson, Cambridge Univ. Press)

4 Calling-cards, invitations, postcards, Christmas cards, Christmas list box [kept separately]

5 Travel mementoes

6 Pastel drawing of CWB by Julie Langsam (1958); Pencil drawing of man in costume by Phyllis K. Emmerson (1920)

7 “Poems to Order: Thera, June 17-21, 1928” by Robert Shelby Darbyshire

8 Pocket New Testament (1900); Church Youth Group booklet (1907-1908); Decennial Address Book, Class of 1908, Yale College

9 Old envelopes and stamps

Box 30


1 Household bills and other receipts. List of embroideries included.

2 Life insurance, retirement plan, tax files, medical bills

3 Bank statements, cheques, etc. [kept separately]

4 Augsburg Park Association

Box 31

Deaths of Bert Hodge Hill, Elizabeth Blegen, and Louise T. Semple


1 Bert Hodge Hill (will, sympathy letters, etc)

2-3 Elizabeth Blegen (certificates, letters and cards of sympathy, etc.)

4 Louise T. Semple

Box 32
Folders 1-5
Newspaper Clippings

Box 33

Three-dimensional Objects

  * Italian leather folder with embossed and gilted decoration
  * Trowel
  * Keys to ASCSA Main Building & file cabinet
  * Copy of linear B tablet
  * Silver plate from Univ. of Cincinnati for service, 1927-57
  * Distinguished Service Professor Pin from the Univ. of Cincinnati
  * Silver kylix (displayed at the Director's House. One of two; the other which belonged to Alan Wace is currently in the possession of Eizabeth French)

Box 34
[on the shelves, not in boxes]

Books from the C.W. Blegen and E.P. Blegen Library:

1. A Land called Crete. A symposium in memory of Harriet Boyd Hawes 1871-1945, Smith College Studies in History XLV, 1968
[ex libris EPB & CWB]

2. Bennett, Emmett L. Jr., The Pylos Tablets. A Preliminary Transcription, Princeton University Press 1951
[ex libris EPB & CWB QA 047; 36259; signed CWB; annotated by CWB]

3. Bennett, E., J. Chadwick, M. Ventris & F.W. Householder, The Knossos Tablets. A Transliteration, BICS Supplement no 7, London 1959
[ex libris EPB & CWB]

4. Bennett, Emmett L., Jr. (ed.), Mycenaean Studies: proceedings of the Third International Colloquium for Mycenaean Studies held at "Wingspread," 4-8 September 1961, University of Wisconsin Press, 1964
[ex libris EPB & CWB]

5. Blegen, Carl W., Korakou: a prehistoric settlement near Corinth, ASCSA 1921
[ex libris EPB & CWB CO 015; 36263; signed Carl W. Blegen; in pencil “E.D. Pierce 216D”]

6. Blegen, Carl W., Zygouries: a prehistoric settlement in the valley of Cleonae, Harvard University Press, 1928
[ex libris EPB & CWB CO 016; 36269; signed with initials “E.P.B. with many thanks C.W.B.”]

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Box 35


1 Self-portraits

2 Elizabeth D. Blegen

3 Friends and Colleagues (including portaits of Sophia Schliemann, Phil Davis, Horace Oakley, Cyrus Ashton Sanborn, and Frederick de Waele)

4 Travels with Emerson Swift (1912-1915)

5 Island Trip (1923): Photos taken by Phil Davis, Elizabeth Pierce; Natalie Gifford; F[ranklin] P. J[ohnson]; L[eicester] B. H[olland]; Hazel Hansen.

6 Island Cruise (cont’d) [oversize]

7 Photo of a trail in a forest; various loose photos of sites or finds including a sketch of a boat in pencil.

Box 36

Blegen Family Photographs & Athens Memories Album (J. Glanagan)

Box 37

Troy (1964-65)

Box 38 (digitized)  

Various trips (1913-1917, 1921); also consult photo records in Boxes 3 & 4.

Box 39 (digitized)  

Various trips (1922-1925)

Box 40 (digitized)  

Various trips (1936-1938, Epirus 1970 [Ph A N-31/0374-0379], no date)

Carl Blegen Papers at Cincinnati

When Blegen died in 1971 his archives were divided between Athens and Cincinnati, the majority in his house at Athens. In Cincinnati were notebooks and photographic albums from the University of Cincinnati excavations at Troy and miscellaneous other records that had been stored in Wilson Auditorium, where Blegen, Marion Rawson, and John L. Caskey shared an archaeological study.

Correspondence of importance for the history of the University of Cincinnati and of the Department of Classics was transferred to the central University of Cincinnati Archives (Archives and Rare Books) where it was inventoried.  Other correspondence stayed in archaeological studies within the Department of Classics in the old University Library (renamed Blegen Library).

All correspondence was piece catalogued under the supervision of Jack Davis (2003-2007). Jennifer Glaubius was responsible for that in Archives and Rare Books, Sarah Lima that in the Department of Classics. We are grateful to Hüseyn Öztürk for help with letters in Turkish, Barbara Breitenberger for letters in German, and to Signe Barfoed for letters in Norwegian.

Requests for further infomation about documents in the University archives should be addressed to Kevin Grace, University Archivist.

Requests for materials in the Department of Classics should be directed to Carol Hershenson, who also oversees the Troy archive in Cincinnati, a collection of glass slides that includes original views of ethnographic interest, and a collection of color slides taken at the time of the Pylos excavation.

Carl W. Blegen Papers at the University of Cincinnati Archives

Carl W. Blegen Papers at the University of Cincinnati, Department of Classics, Archives

“Here Comes Carl W. Blegen with a Paper” Papers Delivered to The Literary Club,1942-1957

Note from Jack L. Davis, Professor of Classics at the University of Cincinnati and former Director of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.