History of the American School 1939-1980- Content List

A History of the American School of Classical Studies, 1939-1980

The following is the text of the history of the ASCSA between 1939 and 1980, written by Lucy Shoe Meritt. It was first published by the School in 1984. A scanned PDF (32.5 MB) of the whole volume, complete with page numbers and images, is available for free download. The book (ISBN 9780876619421) is still in print and available to be purchased. Because the text below was rekeyed from a printed copy, please be alert for errors. If you spot errors, we would be grateful if you could let us know.


Chapter I: The Chairmanship of Louis Eleazer Lord, 1939-1950

Chapter II: The Chairmanship of Charles Hill Morgan, 1950-1960
Chapter III: The Chairmanship of Alfred Raymond Bellinger, 1960-1965

Chapter IV: The Chairmanship of Richard Hubbard Howland, 1965-1975

Chapter V: The Chairmanship of Mabel Louise Lang, 1975-1980

Chapter VI: The Summer Session

Chapter VIII: The Agora Excavations

Chapter IX: Other Excavations of the School

Chapter X: The Gennadeion

Chapter XI: Publications of the School

Chapter XII: Epilogue