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Collection Number: GR GL KB 076
Name(s) of Creator(s): Katharine Butterworth (1931-2018)
Title: Katharine Butterworth papers. Study in Greece Program
Date [bulk]: 1972-1987
Date [inclusive]:
Language(s): Greek, English
Summary: The collection consists of material related to the ‘Study in Greece’ program, an accredited college study program for juniors and seniors. It includes catalogs, handbooks, syllabi, newsletters, announcements, reports. In addition, the collection includes a body of letters from Elias Petropoulos to Katharine Butterworth, articles, reviews and material about Rebetika.
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Immediate Source of Acquisition: Gift of Katharine Butterworth, 2007
Information about Access: The papers are catalogued and available for research (except for private correspondence with Elias Petropoulos)
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Notes: The collection was catalogued by Eleftheria Daleziou, 2020

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Katharine Butterworth (1931-2018) was the founder and director of “Study in Greece” for 25 years. The “Study in Greece” was an accredited five month college study program for juniors and seniors. The curriculum focused on the study of contemporary Greek life and as such was the first of its kind. For a detailed account of the program compiled by Katharine Butterworth click here. Butterworth was also a writer with a particular interest in Rebetika. She had co-authored a book with Sara Sneider, Rebetika, and was a friend of Elias Petropoulos. The collection includes also correspondence of Elias Petropoulos with KB when he was in jail during the Greek junta and material related to Rebetika.



Folder 1 Study in Greece catalogs (11), initial announcement of the program, and draft of certificate for the program

Study in Greece [1970]

Study in Greece 1971-1972

Study in Greece 1972-1973

Study in Greece 1973-1974

Study in Greece 1974-1975

Study in Greece 1975-1977

Study in Greece 1977-1979

Study in Greece 1980-1981

Study in Greece 1982-1984

Study in Greece 1984-1986

Study in Greece 1986-1988

Initial announcement- flyer of the purpose and description of the program

Draft of certificate [with a note by KB]

Folder 2 Syllabi of the program

The syllabi are arranged by the name of the instructor, alphabetically, A to K

Alexandris, Alexis. The Near East from the Ottoman Empire to the settlement of the Eastern Question

Alexandris, Alexis. Modern Greek History

Apostolou, Nicos. The Dynamics of Greek Social and Economic Development

Athanassiadi- Fowden. Late Antique Society

Barnett, Wendy. Ancient Greek History

Benbow, Pamela. Ancient Greek Art History

Benbow, Pamela. Ancient Greek

Bouras, Laskarina. Byzantine Art and Architecture

Butterworth, Katharine. Modern Greek Society

Calliga, Haris. Urban Settlements Since the End of Antiquity

Collaros, Titsa. Modern Greek Society

Condaratos, Savvas. Metropolitan and Urban Planning

Crowther, Charles. Ancient Greek Reading Classes

Dancingsun, Kathryn. 20th Century Balkan History

Diamant, Steve. Monuments of Ancient Athens

Edward, Charles Ancient Greek Art History

Evangelinides, Mary. Sociology of Development: The Greek Case

Frantzi, Adia. A Literary Journey: 20th Century Greek Literature in Translation

Giannaras, T. Greek Regional Costumes and Household Embroideries

Ioakimidis, P.C. Modern Greek Politics

Georgiadou. Elizabeth. Botany.

Georgoulis, Dimitris. Environmental Studies

Golemis, Charalambos. The Economics of Modern Greece

Hartswick, Kim. Ancient Greek History

Hardy, D.A. Ancient Greek

Haas, Diana. Modern Greek Prose Writing in Translation

Kapsalis, Dionysis. Seminar on Modern Greek Poetry in Translation: The Poetry of C.P. Cavafy

Kapsalis, Dionysis. The Autobiographical Moment in Modern Greek Literature

Karamanlis, Kostas. Greek Politics

Kitroeff, Alexandros. Middle East History

Kartsonis, A. Ancient Greek Art

Kitromilides, P. Greek Politics

Koliopoulos, J.S. Modern Greek History

Folder 3 Syllabi of the program

The syllabi are arranged by the name of the instructor, alphabetically, L to X

Lehman, C.M Ancient Greek Art History

Laina, Maria. Modern Greek

Loulis, John. Greek Politics

Loulis, John Modern Greek Political History 1922-1974

Mastoraki, Jenny. Modern Greek Poetry

McClellan, Pamela. Ancient Greek Art

Michelis, George. The Economy of Greece: Past Developments and Future Prospects

Pangalos, Theodore. Social and Economic Dynamics of Greek Development

Pieris, Michael. Modern Greek Poetry

Philippides, Dimitri. Space and Society

Petrides, Theodore. Greek Political Folkdances

Petrides. T. Research Methods for Dance and Folk Customs Classes

Petrides, Theodore. Folk Customs Seminar

Politi, J.G. Greek Tragedy

Protopapadakis, Mikis. The Impact of Tradition On Modern Greek Life

Protopapadakis, Mike. Byzantine Thought and Expression

Roukas, Alexis. Seminar of Greek Wind Instruments: their construction and development

Sanders, J.M. Ancient Greek Art History

Savatis, Nikos. Greek Society Through Films and the Media

Solomonidou, Victoria. Modern Greek History

Ston, James. The Voice of Modern Greek Poetry: The Living Context

Tataki, Rouli. Ancient Greek Art History

Trakas, Deanna. Ethnography of Greece

Vallianos, Pericles. The Emergence of Modern Greek Identity

Vassiliou, Vasso and George. Practicum on Subjective Culture

Winter, Nancy. Ancient Greek Art History

Xiroyanni, Mary. Byzantine Civilization

Folder 4

A letter sent to “Study in Greece” Alumni by Katharine Butterworth announcing the suspension of the program dated 25 March 1987

Responses of Alumni of the SIG

Aliber, Michael. January 15, 1988

Basil, Mark. April 29, 1987

Beale, Alexandra. April 7, 1987

Beck, Todd. July 14, 1987

Beckman, Jennife. October 12, 1987

Blasdel, Kerry. May 4, 1987 (attached post card)

Bogosian, Mina. April 8, 1987

Bowen, Christine. May 15, 1987

Brown, Diana. April 26, 1987

Clauss, Vicky. December 2, 1987

Dear, Elizabeth. August 7, 1987

Deats, Randy, April 17, 1987

Downey Berges Kate. June 16, 1987

Farrior, Stefanie. June 10, 1987

Garland, F. May 20, 1987

Gianas, Lisa. [1987]

Gibson, Beth. April 12, 1987

Gratzios, J. April 10, 1987

Hurley, D. May 13, 1987

Jolkovski, Jane. July 1, 1987

Kalb, Laurie. June, 2, 1987

Kalogerakis, George. May 26, 1987

Krentzel, Lisa. May 14, 1987

la Reau, Rick. July 10, 1987

Mak, Tom. April 8, 1987

Mastros, Eleni. May 24, 1987

Mooney, Chris. February 1, 1987

Motyka Sanders, Isabel. September 17, 1987

Osoffsky, S. [1987]

Paul, Sam. June 9, 1987

Popov, Chris. April 3, 1987

Posoff, Mindy. April 25, 1987

Poulos, Alex. April 1987

Rafalko, Nancy. June 26, 1987

Ray, Lillian. June 30, 1987

Schalzo, M. A. April 3, 1987

Scheller, Elizabeth. June 10. 1987

Summer, Amanda. [1987]

Viticos, Althaia. April 5, 1987

White, Sue.May 9, 1987

Wiliamson, Diana. April, 15, 1987


Folder 1

Responses from Universities and Colleges to SIG’s shutting down

Williams College, Department of Classics. September 6, 1985

University of California, Education Abroad Program. April 30, 1987

Rhode Island College, Department of Anthropology and Geography. April 13, 1987

University of California, Education Abroad Program. May 8, 1987

Bowman, John. April 29, 1987

National Association for Foreign Student Affairs. April 6, 1987

University of Colorado, Boulder. April 3, 1987

Barnard College, Office of the Dean of Studies. April 7, 1987

The University of Rochester. April 1, 1987

Witenberg University. April 3, 1987

Connell Lillian and Dick. June 16, 1987

The Colorado College. June 18, 1987

University of Colorado at Boulder. April 7, 1987

National Humanities Center. April 1, 1987

Drumont, S. March 18, 1987

Dorg, Dorothy. [July 1987]

Dobson, Marcia. April 5, 1987

Egle, Jack. April 9, 1987

University of California, Los Angeles (Institute of Archaeology) May 19, 1987

Brandeis University. April 3, 1987

Princeton University (Committee on Hellenic Studies). May 20, 1987

Williams College (Kalr Weston Language Center). April 9, 1987

Smith College (Office of Development). April 20, 1987

 Williams College (Department of Classics). April 17, 1987

Carleton College (Office of Off-Campus Studies). August 4, 1987

Gustavus Adolphus College (International Education Department). April 3, 1987

Middlebury College. April 9, 1987

Princeton University (Woodrow Wilson School) PAril 6, 1987

Williams College (Office of the President). April 8, 1987

Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut (Department of Classics). April 17, 1987

Cornell University (Department of Classics) April 3, 1987

Brandeis University (Office of International Programs). April 9, 1987

Smith College (Committee on Study Abroad) April 2, 1987

Amherst College (Department of History). April 3, 1987

National Association for Foreign Student Affairs. April 8, 1987

University of Massachusetts at Amherst (Department of Classics). June 3, 1987

Mount Holyoke College (Study Abroad). June 29, 1987

Hamilton College (Dean of Students). April 27, 1987

Hamilton College (Assistant Dean of Students). June 26, 1987

Sakellariou (Assistant Director Study in Greece). June 21, 1987

Vassar College (Dean of Studies). April 9, 1987

Williams College (Office of the Dean). March 20, 1987

Spier, Paula. April 7, 1987

The College of St. Thomas (International Education) [April 1987]

Von Klemperes. May 24, 1987

Trinity College (Educational Services). April 3, 1987

Saltzman. April 2, 1987

Folder 2

Tsakirides, Evris. Spoken Greek. Audio-visual Course. Study in Greece Publication

List of Modern Greek Language teachers of Study in Greece

Elias Petropoulos. The Graves of Greece. Athens, 1974. Study in Greece

Folder 3

Study in Greece Student Handbook July –December 1983 [Note by KB.: Sample of each semester handbook]

Reports to the Board of Trustees:

Fall 1986

Spring 1985

Spring 1984

Spring 1983

Spring 1982

Spring 1981

Spring 1979

Spring 1976



Alumni Newsletters













[Please note that folders 1-3, which contain correspondence between Elias Petropoulos to Katharine Butterworth, are not available for consultation]

Folder 1

1-50-  Letters from Elias Petropoulos to Katharina Butterworth The folder includes the poem by Elias Petropoulos under the title Autoktonia

Folder 2

51 to 60 letters from Elias Petropoulos to Katharina Butterworth and one telegram from Thalia

Folder 3

7 letters from Elias Petropoulos from Paris to Katharina Butterworth and one note

Folder 4

Various articles of Elias Petropoulos sent to Katharine Butterworth

Folder 5

Two copies of REBETIKA

Reviews of REBETIKA [Newspapers Epikaira and Athens Daily Post

Musical scores of Rebetika songs included in the edition of REBETIKA

Folder 6

Two editions of Elias Petropoulos’ book From the Jails. Included a book review by Kimon Friar (The Athenian, November 1976)

Elias Petropoulos. The Graves of Greece. Athens 1974. Study in Greece